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I'm a bit worried about my kids being two skinny, especially the 4.5yr old boy. You can see his ribs front and back.

He seems healthy and happy but when I see him without his shirt I worry. My husband is skinny and always has been. My hubby also thinks we are programmed to see fatter kids these days.

They have been on the OMS diet for almost a year. They have some exceptions like they eat lots of peanut butter, have Mozzarella cheese on a pizza once a week and occasionally have dairy at other kids birthday parties. Unfortunately they don't like many vegetables - arhh. So I have to hide veggies in their meals.

Do you think there are OMS type foods I should give them more of to fatten him up a little?

My kids are on the diet too and are skinny as well. I, like you, let my kids have pb and cheese on pizza occasionally. Is your son still gaining weight? Have you checked with his pediatrician? I think carbs are great for ensuring some weight gain. Lots of pasta, grains, etc. Also, I put some olive oil in their pasta sauces and flaxseed oil in smoothies. I make sure the taste is not noticeable because my 4 yr old would refuse it if she knew. I let them drink almond milk everyday and some coconut milk every couple of days. The coconut milk has about 4.5g of fat per serving, but it is pretty much all sat fat, which is why I don't let them have it too much. What about blending up part of an avocado in a smoothie? I'm pretty much just throwing out any ideas I've read about. Hopefully some of these will be useful. I do agree with your husband that we are programmed to see heavier kids. As long as your son is gaining weight and growing then I wouldn't worry too much. Veggie kids are supposedly skinnier and shorter than their omnivorous counterparts.
You are probably worrying for nothing if your husband is skinny then it is likely he takes after him. Some kids are like that anyway and change as they mature.

The comment from hubby is very true.

You can also add beans and pulses as well. I don't know if it will add weight but it will be good for them :D
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There are nothing like nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, to fatten us up. (I know this full well since I love eating nuts and seeds.) KIds generally love nuts and seeds too.

Also, you can give the kids treats such as air popped popcorn with some olive oil (I use this instead of butter) and some salt. Yum!
my kids are very thin too. My son is 10 and I can see his ribs too. He plays 3 sports and is very fit in every other way, but his arms and legs are so thin, I do worry. He is 77 pounds and 59 inches tall (150 cm).

I have mentioned it to our doctor and he said not to worry at all. I live in the US, where a large percentage of kids are not just overweight, but obese. I think because I see so many overweight children, my perception of what a healthy child looks like is skewed.

My daughter and husband are on the OMS diet, but my son eats dairy occasionally and a lot more sweets. I try to make sure he has enough nuts, seeds, fatty fish and carbs, but he does not eat much in general - he mostly eats veggies.

interesting post!

About eating sweets and dairy. Please keep in mind that eating sweets is a risk factor for MS so we are really best off without them and are best off keeping sweets away from the kids in our families. Also, please remember that animal fats including dairy fats are risk factors for MS.


I've never heard anything about sweets. Please elaborate. I do enjoy my licorice!

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Rebecca Hoover wrote: Please keep in mind that eating sweets is a risk factor for MS

I would love to see your evidence for avoiding sweets too. Too much sugar is never good for anyone with or without MS but I don't remember George discussing sweets in his book. I may of missed it?? I have never come across anything saying we should avoid them either.

I have non-dairy sweets in moderation as they fill the gap sometimes; I would certainly stop if it could cause a relapse.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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