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I said I wasn't going to post this on this site but would appreciate any advice. Thanks VERY much to Harriet and Wendy who have contacted me privately. It made a huge difference but currently still feeling very stressed.

Diagnosed with PPMS nearly two years ago. We've been following Swank then OMS for well over a year now and doing pretty well. However, this week my daughter contacted us to say that she's off work with optic neuritis. It's the 1st time she's had this but I know enough to make the connections and the possible link to MS. She already takes 5000ius of D3 a day and took one of the megadose tablets as well. We'll do everything in our power to support her but she's a young adult and has to believe the life alterations can help. Just looking for encouraging words to support her (and us) at this point.
I'm sorry your daughter is going through this, Sophie. I had optic neuritis in late October, which became a MS diagnosis in November. I'm 33, so still a bit older than your daughter, but I still see myself as a young woman, especially in that I have a lot left to achieve in my life, and I have a toddler that I need to actively be there for.

I found this website while I was still waiting for the diagnosis, and even when it was just ON and only a ~50% chance of MS, I knew this was something I had to do. I haven't even finished reading the book yet (I said I had a toddler, didn't I? lol), but I'm trying to adapt as much as I can. In this situation, your daughter is well in front as she has your knowledge and experience to guide her. Plus, the fact that your husband has already experienced some level of success with it should give her extra motivation.

I recently watched the documentary 'Forks Over Knives' which really spoke to me. It is based a lot on the China Study which I know George J speaks highly of. I suggest that your daughter watches this if she is still skeptical.

Does OMS really work? I honestly don't know. I'm only very new to the program and still just understanding it and building it into my everyday life. I also take Gilenya in an effort to do "whatever it takes" - your daughter might also benefit from a drug if she chooses to take one, which is why I would recommend an MRI for a full assessment as much as she might not want to. Knowing the full picture early on will help her make decisions that might help her in the longer term.

Bes of luck to you all xo
Changing her diet to OMS will help her in so many ways, we are never too young to be healthier.
This diet promotes great physical shape, a clear mind, even clearer skin and gives hope that what ever might be next is either not going to happen or be much milder and reduces a whole list of western common diseases.
How to go about guiding and suggesting diet changes I am not sure how but you are setting a great example.
Thank you for the replies. We only just found out about the ON this week so it's all very raw just now.

I will certainly watch that documentary CB and reading the China Study is another thing on my ‘to do’ list. I’m aware that I don’t want to swamp her with too much at this stage. We’ve kept all of our children updated on what we’re doing and how it’s certainly benefiting my husband. This week I’m trying to get across the saturated fat info and, if nothing else, encourage het to get it down to Swank levels.

I also think you’re right Veg about leading by example. Her diet is not too bad at the moment – better than when she was a student – BUT things could still be better.

Little steps I suppose. Whether an MRI comes back positive or negative it’s enough of a warning sign to encourage her to do something, improve her general health and minimize any damage as much as possible.
Just watched the Forks Over Knives documentary CB - very powerful and totally backs everything we're doing. I will be showing this to all 3 of my children, thanks for the link.
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