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My sister and I were diagnosed with MS around 10 years ago. We are both following the diet as best we can and are ok at present. Two cousins also have MS.

My mother about 9 years had what we believe to be trigeminal neuralgia. . Also, experiences double vision when walking in summer in one eye over the past few years.
An MRI was performed , however two Neurologists insisted she did not have MS.

Now aged 72 she has had a severe attack , numbness down right side, head, back, arm, leg and was admitted to hospital. MRI confirms MS.
Intravenous steroids were administered, 3 weeks on, the numbness is still present , although she has improved and is walking with walker faster and having physio at the hospital.

Anyone had experience or advice with recovering from first attack at this age ?

Goodness me, what a strong family link you have.

I haven't heard of anyone being diagnosed at that age, Maybe she had a very inactive disease for a long time. Come to think of it, my own mother (who is the same age as yours) has had numbness over the years. Makes me wonder.. do you think there are other people in that generation who have lived with minor symptoms for many years and not complained about it?

I'm sorry, I don't have any specific advice for you, but I wish you and your mother the best (and sister, and cousins).

My suggestion would be it is never to late to adopt the OMS program, and with ageing anyway all the more reason to aim to keep the mobility you have and slow or halt progression to enjoy what you can do.
MS as you may know the progression can sneak up on you and then you realise what you had been doing you can't any more and this is greater change then ageing alone. If you are already mildly if not at all impacted what a fabulous position to start the program from, because it can take 3-5 years to stabilise the less you lose the easier it could be to do well and once lost it can be hard work to get it back.
What bits of diet can we try to help on so you can do all of it?
Thank you for your replies.

Yes we have been told it is rare at the age of 72 to be diagnosed. The numbness is still present after 4 weeks.
Bone density test all good.

It is frustrating getting the older generation to support the OMS program. There needs to be more awareness of its benefits by the MS Organisation and Neurologists need to support it. The older generation don't seem to be believers.

Really, it is up to the individual.
My sister and I are doing our best to follow all recommendations from this valuable website.

All the best, many thanks
Just read this and found it very interesting. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and my mother had some possible symptoms years ago in her 30s. She refused investigations for MS then as she didn't want to know if there was no treatment/cure available. She's now 75 and has health issues due to type 2 respiratory failure (result of TB and thoracotomy as a teeneger) but a recent MRI for something else didn't show any old MS possible lesions so who knows?

I think my Mother had a benign form of MS , she did have a back problem 30 years ago after a Physio apt, left her almost unable to walk for a month. She was bedridden , a doctor visited but no other symptoms presented so just put down to disc issue. I wonder if this was the trigger. She always had a numb part on her foot.

We have a Neuro follow up next week , with the same Neuro who said no MS Years ago after reading MRI. I will be there to ask some questions.

She is slowly improving,

Take care
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