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I realize the importance of supplementing my two children with vitamin D since I have been diagnosed with MS but I'm unsure how much they should be getting per day? I have two little boys, age 3 and 5, who weigh 40 and 45 lbs. respectively. Any ideas?

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It is fully covered here, including doses which should increase as your children grow. 1kg = 2.2lbs.
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My recommendation for close relatives of people with MS would be a supplement of 5 000IU a day in winter and in summer on days when there is limited access to sun, reduced proportionately for children. The aim is to keep the level of vitamin D in blood at above 100nmol/L (40ng/mL in the USA). This is the level above which a number of studies have shown a protective effect against developing MS.

So to calculate the dose for children, using 50kg as the adult dose equivalent, a 25kg child would need half this dosage, and similarly a 10kg child one fifth of the dose.
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My 19 month old is 2stone 2lbs/13.6kg. I have vit D drops that are 1000iu per drop so i cant give him the exact measurement he should be getting. I therefore alternate the amounts - he gets 1 drop and then the next day 2 drops. I hope i'm doing the right thing, i figure its better for him to have a bit more than he needs than having less as it takes a huge amount of vit d for it to become toxic.
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You can get Vit D3 drops for children where each drop = 400IU. This may be an easier way to fine tune the dosage.
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