I wasn't sure whether to put this in "Parents and Children" or "Exercise".

I'm hoping some of you might be able to provide a little advice on good exercises for during pregnancy. Warning, the next bit may give too much information...

Before I got pregnant, I used to go running, which I loved despite my lack of skill. However, fairly soon after knowing I was pregnant I had to stop running because it was very painful for my breasts. I hadn't changed bra size much yet, and that plus the sheer level of discomfort make me think it's not a problem a new sports bra in a bigger size could fix, but a problem that means I really need to avoid any exercise that gets my chest bouncing up and down.

I know (partly because everyone says) that swimming and walking are good exercises during pregnancy - but I know that when I get really huge these will be the only exercises I can do, so I want to try to save them for later (partly because doing lengths up and down an indoor pool is pretty boring) and hopefully find something a little bit more aerobic that I can do now.

I found a great replacement by using a cross-trainer in the gym - no bouncing up and down, no stress on joints, nice and aerobic - hooray! But when I mentioned it to my midwife she said that the cross-trainer is too much work for abdominal muscles.

I've been to an aquarobics class once (again, I know about aquanatal, but want to save this for when I'm huge and do something a bit more active while I still can) and that was OK, but I'm still feeling the lack of exercise. Do any of you have any recommendations? Advice much appreciated!