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For breastfeeding mothers, do you give vitamin D to your infants (from newborn) even if you take vit. D yourself? I don't want to "overdose" my baby with it.... Not sure how much gets passed in the milk?
There was a very useful recent comment on the OMS pregnancy and bubs Facebook group:
"... found a good study that showed that maternal supplementation does flow through to bub through breastfeeding. I'm on 10,000iu per day. Will look at supplementing though when he weans. http://www.dors.it/latte/docum/High-Dos ... ion%20.pdf Conclusion: With limited sun exposure, an intake of 400 IU/day vitamin D3 did not sustain circulating maternal 25(OH)D levels, and thus, supplied only extremely limited amounts of vitamin D to the nursing infant via breast milk. Infant levels achieved exclusively through maternal supplementation were equivalent to levels in infants who received oral vitamin D supplementation. Thus, a maternal intake of 6400 IU/day vitamin D elevated circulating 25(OH)D in both mother and nursing infant."

So it sounds like your baby should get enough through breastmilk - if you are supplementing at high enough levels (personally, I'm intending to use 10,000iu per day throughout breastfeeding)
I take 5,000 IU vit D daily and my nursling (now 21 months old) takes 1200 IU / day as prescribed by his pediatrician. We use the Zymad vit D drops for my son (we are in France). He has had his vit D drops from birth.
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