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I learned about the OMS Diet from reading his book, and excited to begin. I just gave birth to my son and started him on a milk-based formula. After reading about the diet, I am concerned about the negative effects that milk will have on my son. Should I switch to a soy-based formula?

If you can't find a different formula (sorry I don't know what's available) remember that on average the child of someone with MS only has a 1 in 50 chance of having MS themselves, so the risk from milk-based formula may not be as bad as it seems.
Congratulations on your baby boy :-)
I gather breast feeding has a protective affect on Mum to help prevent a post birth period relapse, perhaps you are or could dual feed.
This is covered in the family section I think.
Thanks for your input, my neurologist recommend that I don't breastfeed. Then, I started reading this book, so I am dissapointed. In the United States, we have soy based formula, so to keep him safe. Does that make sense?

I'm guessing that your neurologist recommends that because you wouldn't be able to take any DMDs. Before pregnancy, I was on Tysabri, and I know I can't start taking it again until I've had the baby and stopped breastfeeding

I am on Betaseron, so that is why I am not breastfeeding. However, would you recommend that I change the milk-based formula to a soy-based formula? If I change the formula, would it reduce the chance of him getting MS? Thanks in advance!


Your little boy should be given vitamin D supplements, see this section on MS in Family Members for the reasons why and dosages.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... y-Members/

In the Family FAQ's:
Q Should my children be eating the same diet?
Swank noted in his study that there were no new cases of MS in families where everyone followed the same diet as those with MS. It is also easier to cook one meal only, but may be difficult to get agreement from family members, especially if they are older.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/

Professor Jelinek also posted this, while he recommends breast feeding if possible, the inference is that soy-based formula is preferable,
Re: Question about formula for babies
Postby George » Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:58 pm

This is a pretty specialised area, so my advice is only general. But the World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breast-feeding until 6 months (in our society, we usually advise 4-6 months), then adding solids with breast-feeding ideally continuing until 2 years. In our society we tend to wean them off breast milk and onto cow's milk, but really, if breast-feeding is continued until at least year or so, going onto a normal diet is fine after that, without any cow's milk or milk products. Soy products can form part of that diet, as soy is a really healthy product.

Hope that helps, but it may pay to seek more specialised advice.

Be well


So by giving him vitamin D and following the same diet recommendations, you would be doing everything possible to reduce his risk, and of course he is not going to disagree at his age ;-)
Thanks, very informative and changed him to soy formula :)
In the UK, there are some milk banks run by charities - some women donate expressed breast milk for the use of those who can't breastfeed. If that's an option where you are, I'd say it's the best choice - then soy formula - then standard formula. Sounds like you've made a good choice. I really wouldn't fret if you have to change though (I understand that sometimes babies can be very picky about what they like) - Swank did find that there were no new cases of MS in families who all followed the same MS diet, but Swank's diet didn't ban low-fat dairy products. Because of what we now know about milk proteins, avoiding them is the healthiest choice - but if it doesn't work for your baby then I wouldn't get too hung up on it.
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