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D levels at 137, a relapse and a breastfeeding baby

PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:57 pm
by Chriva

One of my few posts here.. A little background: I first began the diet in 2010 but have dropped the ball a little, especially during my pregnancy in 2012 and in the year since our darling boy was born.
All along I've also struggled to stick with the exercise and meditation. Plus I've had some emotional stressors. So in short I have been a so-so OMS'er lately :(.

So now I'm experiencing a relapse. It started just before the new year. I checked my vit.D because of this and it came back at 137 nmol/l. A little low but maybe not too alarming? I've seen similar posts and the advice has been to take a megadose. This is what I would do normally (and have done in the past, I've struggled with staying above 150nmol/l). But the thing is I'm still breastfeeding.. Mainly at night but quite a lot then.

So my question is this: How would a megadose effect a breastfeeding baby?

I supplement with 10000iu pretty much every day. I think because of the relapse and the breastfeeding I need at least this. But because of the relapse I would like to up my levels if possible, because now of course I'm getting myself back on the OMS wagon (and this time I will also exercise and meditate regularly!).

Apart from D vit through breastfeeding my son also gets vit D drops on most days, in total 400iu. This is the recommendation for babies here and I didn't think it could harm him to get both.. But maybe this is wrong?

Is there anything I can do to promote uptake (if a megadose is a bad idea right now)? I take the d-vit capsules with a meal and most often with flax oil or fish.
Could coffee disturb the uptake? I never have coffee directly with the capsules but it usually effects me for a long time moodwise when I have it, so maybe I'm sensitive to it also in this respect? (Maybe it's a dumb thought but I'm actually hoping for a yes on this one since coffee a couple of times a day is a habit I somehow find soo hard to kick, even if I'm pretty sure superstrict adherence to the once a week coffee recommendation would be right for me since it effects me so much).

Any thoughts on these issues, please?

Re: D levels at 137, a relapse and a breastfeeding baby

PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:39 pm
by Wendy:M
It is very important that both you and your baby get plenty of vitamin D. There is no problem taking a megadose while breastfeeding and a megadose of 100,000IU will get your level up to 200nmol/L quickly which should help you recover from the relapse. See this page for how to calculate the correct dose for your baby once you stop breastfeeding (400IU will not be enough).
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... y-Members/

This is from one of the Family FAQ's:
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/
My friend gave birth to twins 6 months ago and is suffering badly with depression, she was able to breast feed for the 1st 4 months only. She was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago but has only just found your book. She is wondering what she can do to help lift herself up and how she can best help protect her babies.
She urgently needs to check her vitamin D status, and should consider re-commencing breast feeding. Low vitamin D is closely correlated with depression. If it is low, she needs the usual mega-dose to get levels up urgently. It is also important to get some regular exercise, preferably outdoors, as this helps enormously with depression, and will also assist with getting adequate vitamin D. It might also be worth looking at getting some counselling regarding the depression.

Recent research confirms that breastfeeding is protective for the mother against further MS attacks while she is breastfeeding. It will also help her babies get their vitamin D levels up once she takes the megadose, through the breast milk. That will reduce the risk of the babies ever getting MS, and once the children stop breastfeeding, vitamin D supplements should start as per the instructions found on the website.

Re: D levels at 137, a relapse and a breastfeeding baby

PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:10 pm
by Chriva
Thank you Wendy for your quick answer! I was going to take the megadose tonight but got in a discussion with my partner. He had read lots of warnings about megadoses and breastfeeding, one from the UN among others.
His worry is that the baby might develop kidney problems I guess..
It's all a little confusing..

Re: D levels at 137, a relapse and a breastfeeding baby

PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:13 pm
by JWinChina
My son is 25 months old. I breastfeed him, he takes Vit D supplements and I take Vit D 5,000Iu per day. We live in France and my son was taking the drops, 400IU, but for winter his ped prescribed mega doses of vit D, 40,000IU every 2 months. So for YOU to take a mega dose... I don't see what the problem would be for your breastfed baby.

I am incredibly sensitive to caffeine, too. A coffee in the morning can keep me up at night. And I experience rapid mood shifts when I've had caffeine. I don't have caffeinated drinks regularly, but every once in a while I'm too tempted by that extra mental boost they provide and give in! I didn't know it was related to vit uptake.

I know it can be so hard to make the diet and lifestyle changes, but it's never too late! I hope you can find a way to make those changes and stick with them if that's what you want to do. Have you read much about 'mindfulness' or just 'being.' I recently read a book by Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth) that made me so much more aware of my choices, my thoughts, my relationships (with people and food and exercise, etc.). Look him up!

Best wishes and speedy recovery.

Re: D levels at 137, a relapse and a breastfeeding baby

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:53 pm
by Chriva
Thank you for your answer, JWinChina.
It was reassuring to me to read about the megadoses your son's ped prescribes for him. If it's ok for him to take megadoses then the possible augmentation of my baby's D-vit levels if I was to take a megadose couldn't be a problem. Probably just the other way around as my son will need supplementing more when he stops breastfeeding.

And now I've taken the megadose. Will check my levels again in a couple of months time. I've started exercising some and I have also started meditating with the Headspace program. So things are starting to look up. Thanks for the encouragment:).
I'm focusing on making these changes stick for now however, so will deal with making coffee that once a week luxury a little later on this coming spring.. Usually when I try to change "everything" at once nothing sticks..

I'm pretty much the same way about coffee though. Problems sleeping, moodswings plus often a strong feeling of anxiety and kind of fragmentation of the mind. Sounds horrible really, but half of the time also this other feeling of being wide awake and having all this energy and lust for life..
I really don't know if coffee-consumption has an impact on vit D uptake.

I have read some books on mindfulness.. Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams and some more. It was a long time ago though so maybe I should re-read them. Will also look up Eckhart Tolle:).

Thank you both for the input. Am feeling positive about this spring now, about getting over this bump in the road, this relapse, and about changing my bad habits.