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Hi, I was diagnosed with MS shortly before becoming pregnant with my second child. I came across the OMS diet in my third trimester and starting cutting out dairy straightaway and implementing other parts of the diet. I had my baby 10 days ago and am breastfeeding and hope to continue for a few months.
However, i am worried about my diet. I'm quite slim and am almost back to pre-pregnancy weight. I'm concerned about not eating enough to produce milk for my baby, particularly since breastfeeding depletes you of fat...worried that baby will end up feeding on toxins. How can I ensure I maintain a good level of healthy fats when I'm following the OMS diet? I do feel like I need to eat constantly at the moment.
Also, I haven't started taking supplements yet. My doctor/nurse are very dismissive about diet so not sure where to start and what's safe while breastfeeding.
I'd really appreciate any advice as I'm struggling (probably due to sleep deprivation!) to know what's best. Many thanks.
Congratulations on you new baby.
Whilst waiting for replaies take a read of this section of the site aimed at parents and children..
and here in the FAQ section.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... y-Members/
Congratulations!! You are doing an amazing job breast feeding your new baby. It does make you incredibly hungry and you do need to have foods that are easy to prepare and eat with one hand. If you are eating soy and legumes things like beans on toast, soy yogurts will help. Sardines on toast always a quick protein lift. Quick oats for brekkie may also help...just a few ideas. Egg white omelettes...the most important thing is to look after your health, your baby will not get toxins from your breast milk from the diet.....you just need to make sure you don't disappear xxxxx
Hello, Congratulations for your new baby.I would also suggest you to follow this site:- http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis .
It's a good idea supplementing with a formula with breastfeeding. Maybe you should start slowly with one or more formula bottles per day and then add more slowly.

Many moms breastfeed their babies and give them formula because they want to and some do so because they simply have to.
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