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Hello everyone,

My husband and I are so badly wanting to have a baby but we are getting lost in all of the information in regards to if we should or shouldn't, and I was hoping that someone would be able to point us in a few good directions. I was diagnosed with MS fairly recently (I had a clinically isolated symptom last year, and am currently recovering from my second symptom now). I have recently changed my diet to the recommended diet and have been educating myself about it over the past few months.

Mainly, I am afraid of passing MS along to my children, and secondly, I am afraid of having a relapse after childbirth and not being able to take care of our first born.

1. Is there a recommended time that I should be on the diet before even considering having a child?
2. I've been told by others who are affected by MS that the risk of passing MS along to your children increases if you become pregnant after the age of 30. It doesn't say anything about this in the pregnancy page of this website, but I need to know if there is any truth to this as I am already 30.
3. I am just now getting over my first real symptom and am still affected by it almost two months later. Is there any risks in trying for a baby when I still feel these symptoms? Is there a good time frame to which I should be waiting after a relapse to try to get pregnant?

Any information or advice would be so much appreciated as we don't know where to turn at this point.
All the best,

I am 37 yo and 2 months pregnant for the first time. I was only diagnosed 5 months ago and started oms the same time.
I am making sure to keep vitamin D levels high, take folic acid supplement and follow the diet best I can. I am quite new to all that as well but did my research and there is lots of great info on this website.
To me...the pregnancy was sort of a surprise so I had no time to prepare e.g start folic acid supplements in advance. But I know my diet has been very good for past few months and that puts my mind to rest.

As for passing ms to our children - yes the risk is increased but if we stick to the program and watch the supplements eg vit D, omega 3 we can significantly lower it.

My neuro said he sees no reason to worry and did not discourage me in any way.

I hope someone more experienced will give you more answers.

I wish you good luck and keep posting your news.

Take care

Thank you so much for your reply Martina, and congratulations!
I will take your advice and do more looking within the oms website, I really trust what I've found here so far.

All the best,
Best wishes to you both! :) I'm sorry I am only posting here because I don;t do private messages often enough to retain how to.... Martina, great to hear your news, we both thought about you and your husband after meeting December 6th Birmingham OMS introduction - Sorry we couldn;t stay after to talk abut it all. Felt sure you;d link up with other young families on here. Good to hear your attitude coming across here too, would raise you and others right out of all kinds of troubles. :D
Derbyshire, UK. Diagnosis 2012, OMS 2015.
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