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Hi everyone,
I wanted to tell you all how amazingly helpful and supportive this site has been in helping me with this new chapter in my life. Short story is I'm currently in the CIS phase although there are so many signs that point to MS. Immediately I implemented all aspects of OMS. The diet and exercise were easy, as I had those mostly in place already. The mediation--I'm working on; the vitD and flax, I'm religious. No one can tell by looking at me that I may have MS and hope that OMS will keep it that way:). I'm in my early 40s with two daughters. As scary as this is for an adult, I shudder about how MS would affect my kids, as a genetic predisposition is there. I've read here about supplementing vitD for kids, getting them out in the sun, and I've definitely made adjustments in what I cook for them. But kids don't always want to eat plant based diets! I'm just curious on how others are approaching this. I can't thank you all enough for the encouragment and support this site offers. And to my dear husband who brought me Dr J's book when times were so dark.
Hi Waddle,

I am 45 & when I had a relapse in 2010 after we sold our house I had to tell my kids about MS as I had double vision & needed to wear an eye patch. I was diagnosed in 2006, the year after my 2nd son was born & I too have (now) no visible signs of MS. My boys are now 9 & 10.

Nowadays they take a Vitamin D tab & I am slowly changing their diet to OMS, hubby & I eat OMS 100%. I started the OMS program Sept 2014 & am feleling lots better for it.

Don't know if that helps at all but I found it best to be open about MS, we went on a famiy camp that was helpful too (in Australia)
Thanks for your response Karenj. Wish you continued good health:) I love reading all the positive stories on here, please keep posting them!
There is another thread like this with quite a lot of replies on it might be a couple years old but have a look through this section of the site.
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