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Hi, sometimes I feel sick with worry about my children developing MS later in life. Do others feel the same? I was diagnosed 2 years ago following a major attack. Things have been going well, but it's early days really. My boys are 4 & 6 yrs so we didn't know I had MS when they were born. I struggled with breastfeeding so both boys had milk formula. And our 6 yr old also had Hepatitis B vaccine when he was two because we traveled to Bosnia. The recent study about the vaccine as a trigger for MS has got me worrying again. Since my diagnosis both boys follow the OMS diet (except we're a bit more relaxed about saturated fats with them). In winter we give them Vit D supplements. I know we can't go back and change things (I wish we could). I was adopted at birth so also would have been given milk formula, so, I know it's irrational, but I have moments when I feel so anxious about their future health - it's the last thing you want to do really isn't it? - to pass an illness on to your children. Do others have these fears? Is there more I can do for my boys at this stage?

If it's any consolation, I strongly believe that a few years of typical Western diet and one vaccine won't give your kids MS, and I wouldn't imagine that it would even materially increase the risk.

When I kick myself for not taking lifestyle choices years before, such as changing the crappy Western diet that contributed to me getting MS at 36, I remind myself of the old Chinese saying that "the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now".

You have set your children down the path to healthy living at a very early age and I think the best thing you can do is to keep it up, encourage them to keep it up and keep looking at ways that you can make yours and your children's lives even healthier. Maybe look into homeopathic vaccines as an alternative to normal vaccines which contain heavy metals. Do meditation as a family. Buy them a large hamster wheel to make sure they get lots of exercise!

I know it is easy to beat yourself up that you did not find out each new thing sooner, but you the fact is that you didn't know and there will be nothing you could have done.

Remember that staying positive is important to help you with your MS. Your worry doesn't help anyone - you or your boys. Take them to the cinema and give them loads of OMS-compliant treats as a celebration of how much you are doing for their health and wellbeing at such an early age. Make them some Deliciously Ella Raw Chocolate Brownies http://deliciouslyella.com/recipe/raw-brownies/!

Take care
Another thing that I would recommend is to take your children to see a Naturopath.
When I was 17 I went to one and discovered that I was extremely deficient in many vitamins without knowing, I can't remember "feeling" deficient and without the right support, I ignored it, and went on my merry way thinking that I was indestructible like teenagers often do, and I am not saying for a minute that it is the sole reason for my developing MS, I understand that it is a combination of many factors , but it is one factor in my environment that I could have eliminated.
I have 17 year old twins, and along with following the OMS program as much as they can, I take them to a Naturopath to watch their vitamin levels.
I understand your anxiety.
My twins are not faithful to the program, and I too worry about their future, but you have started early with your children, and following a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle will be well entrenched by the time they reach a "coming of age" where they make their own decisions on how they lead their lives.

A hint about dealing with Worry
Give yourself permission to "worry" because I believe if it's in your nature to worry, there's no point in saying "don't worry", Your mind is going to do exactly what you don't want it to do and worry even more. But it's the LENGTH OF TIME that we spend worrying that we need to manage.
Put aside a time in your day to worry. When that time comes along, and you have explored all aspects of your worry, then say to yourself "right I have finished worrying about this for the day". Now if that worry comes up again in the same day you say to yourself " This is not the time to be worrying about that. " and drop it.
Treat each day in the same way by setting the same time for yourself to worry each day, and after a while,you will get sick of worrying!! You will find that the "need to worry" diminishes overtime. We can teach our brain to behave anyway we want. Take control.
Good luck on your parenting journey.
And don't forget to worry! ha ha
Rose x
Thanks so much for your responses Rose & Chris. They've really helped - I just needed some perspective on it. I don't worry constantly about this, but every once in a while something triggers anxiety around my boys' future health and it can feel quite overwhelming. I'll look into a nuturopath (I went to one last year, but had a bad experience - she kept trying to make me take whey protein so I need to find someone else). I overheard our 4 year old explaining to someone the other day that he was vegan but eats fish, which was lovely to hear. And both boys love deliciously ella's brownies - that was a great discovery! I'm still learning meditation myself, but will figure out how to include the boys sometimes - they think yoga is great fun. Our other challenge is making sure they get enough sun - New Zealand is so geared up around sun-safety that it's quite hard to shift their school & pre-school's expectations around that. Anyway, many thanks for your support. I hope things are good with you. Jenny
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