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Just a question re vitamin D. I usually keep my levels around 150-170 taking 10,000 IU/day. However being pregnant my levels have dropped to 109 and I've been feeling rather drained of energy, likely pregnancy related but obviously the low vit D may play into this too!! I've upped my dosage to 20,000IU/day and will take this for a few weeks, but my question is whether or not a mega dose is safe during pregnancy?
Hi Elizabeth - congratulations on the OMS fund raising event in Ballarat!

From my notes when I was moderating the forum, I have found these two relevant items re vitamin D:

Is OMS recommended during pregnancy?
The OMS diet is perfect during pregnancy, and gives the baby the best chance of not developing MS in the future. All aspects of the diet and supplements can be kept going through pregnancy, and indeed should be. Be sure to keep vitamin D in the higher part of the normal range (150nmol/L or above, but not more than 225nmol/L), and ensure vitamin B12 intake is adequate. We have put together a webpage on pregnancy issues and MS.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... cy-and-MS/

Is Vitamin D megadose recommended in pregnancy?
Professor Jelinek is not sure that there is any good data on this particular question. Certainly, from first principles, it would be wise to err on the side of caution, especially in the first trimester (1st 12 weeks or so). While there is not any real clinical trial information, if vitamin D is low, it would be reasonable to build levels up quite quickly with say 15,000IU a day (equivalent to the maximum that one would get from sun exposure in a day) over around 3-4 weeks, with a check blood level at the end of that period, followed by around 10,000IU a day (or less if able to keep level above 150nmol/L with a lower dose) for the rest of the pregnancy. This is a very cautious approach and highly unlikely to cause any problems. Of course, pregnancy is somewhat protective for the mother, and the high levels are as much to ensure baby's levels are high from conception as anything else.

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Thanks so much for your prompt reply!! Think I will keep on with what I'm doing and get it rechecked in a month or two.
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