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Just found out on Friday that I'm pregnant had a miscarriage 2 years ago before ms diagnosis have primary progressive ms scared and still trying go get my head round all this. Is much want wanted pregnancy as have 3 year old son and would love a brother or sister for him. Just wondering about diet and pregnancy I drunk a lot of milk when I was pregnant with my son as think needed the calcium can take soya or rice/ almond milk on cereal but could not drink a glass of it! Attending a 3 day retreat in may so will be interested in what they say about pregnancy and ms. My husband I think wants me to quit the diet for my pregnancy as worried about effect on baby.

Thanks in advance

There are several OMS mums on here who I am sure will offer you reassurance that you can fuel your body and baby by eating such a wholesom whole food plant based diet.
There is calcium in milk because cows eat grass (and it is fortified artificially) so we eat very generous portions of fresh vegetables and my partner who is fully vegan donates blood the diet is not missing anything.
Have a read around the family FAQ and forum whilst waiting for replies.
Enjoy your pregnancy :-)
Have you seen the MS and Pregnancy page - OMS is good for you and protects your baby too.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... cy-and-MS/

Renee Coffey is quite an inspiration - an ambassador for Kiss Goodbye to MS, has had two little boys while following OMS. Here are a couple of her blogs.
http://www.kissgoodbyetoms.org/about/ms ... nee-coffey
http://www.aww.com.au/latest-news/lets- ... rong-20207

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
Congratulations. The link from Wendy looks very helpful. I think George also points out in his book that we should not just drop the meat to make a vegan meal! Look at protein from egg whites ( cooked), beans and pulses, seafood ( caution see guidelines on link), grains and quinoa. Nuts and seeds to add in too. You could include a b12 supplement...
It may be easier to mix up the milks - soy has more protein but oat or nut milks can also be purchased calcium fortified if you are concerned. Maybe mask the flavour in smoothies or decaf coffee on half or all milk substitute?
Remember how much good you are doing you and the baby by focussing on nourishing your body with a large variety of healthy foods. All the best.
Hi Jac.
Please don't be swayed into changing your diet for bub's benefit. You will find that the OMS diet is well equipped for all the building blocks your bub will need. If you are concerned about things like iron, etc then you could always take a supplement under guidance from your doc. I conceived, carried, birthed the most beautiful daughter you could ever imagine following this diet and she continues to grow and flourish every day! Two things I would suggest reading up about (for your own decisions) is delayed cord clamping (to improve likelihood of iron etc from placenta) and also possibly cord blood banking (stem cells harvested from cord blood and stored properly). Our individual decision was to delay clamping for 2 mins and then harvest what was left which was apparently enough to store. Instead of buying new cot, etc we decided to spend our money doing that as a bit of security blanket for the kids future - not just for MS, but childhood leukemias etc. They are frozen for 21 years unless we need them. Massive congratulations to you and your family on what will certainly be a beautiful time.
Also... I didn't have a relapse in the 'high risk' post partum period which I suspect was also attributable to the OMS program.
Best Wishes
Hi & Congratulations!

I am now 24 weeks pregnant and would not stop or change the diet. I believe staying on OMS helps me to feel well, keep my energy up and I know I am giving my baby the best start. When you look at the recommended diet for pregnant women (not only here) you will find that it is very close to what we are doing. Less the dairy and meat obviously.
But if you are worried about
- Calcium - I agree with veg + when i mentioned my diet to my GP she prescribed me with AdcalD3 supplement (calcium + Vit D) but I do believe we get enough calcium from plant based diet anyway. I do take the supplement.
- Iron - I was told I am very slightly deficient and started supplementing. But - it is very common for pregnant women to show iron deficiency at some stage during pregnancy, even those meat eating + there are also OMS friendly sources of iron like legumes, nuts, dark leafy green veges and tofu.

There is nothing else we could be missing..?

So I happily carry on eating OMS and know I am doing the best for mine and baby's health.

I wish you good luck and hope all goes well for you

Folic I would not skip supplementing that though whilst pregnant
True, I was offered higher dose ones by my GP when I mentioned MS. In UK they are now also giving free bottles of vitamins - folic acid + vit D + vit C at first check up.
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