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My 19 yr old son was diagnosed last week with RRMS. We live in Canada. I am hoping to find other moms in the same situation to talk to. I do not have MS myself as far as I know.

Hi I've got a 19 year old son who i get very concerned about that he could develop MS I've got it myself, it's quiet a wieght yo have on young shoulders I must say if he's oprn to the diet it's really has helped me control my symptoms. It must be very difficult for you we just want to protect are children. Changing diet and stess reduction has help me so much the future is not so scary now xx
My heart goes out to you. I'd take my MS 10 fold to avoid my son getting it, so I can only imagine what you're going through. You've come to the right place, though. There is a lot of hope in the OMS program and the support is fabulous. Also, I'm not sure what your son's symptoms were at onset, but it sounds like you've caught it early, which isn't a bad thing. I've read plenty of testimonials of people in their thirties getting diagnosed only to say they can look back 10 years and recall earlier symptoms. Catching it early means more hope to alter the course.

Also, if you choose to use DMD's (Disease Modulating Medications), there is a lot of hope for the new drugs, and what is coming down the pike. Look into HSCT as well. There is a Facebook page dedicated to it that you should join. A couple mothers on there have been able to get their children in. All of this may not even be necessary, as many on here will tell you, it's possible for your son to live a long, healthy life without these interventions. He can still get married, have children, travel the world, get into plenty of trouble, and enjoy a fruitful career. Don't get down, and don't let him get down.

My son, 24 years old, was diagnosed with CIS 1 1/2 year ago. I found OMS early, and it gave me hope. During 3 months we implemented OMS for the whole family, and today it is just our normal living habit.
Read my prentation
Hi is living appart from us, living a normal student life with bear and parties. But when his friends order pizza, he orders a salmon sandwich. Changing diet was an act of balance. It became a family project to find new receipies. Instead of milk, i found ris milk, and since i just bought that instead of milk, we all had to get used to it. In the morning we all meditate after breakfast, and then he injects his Copaxone. My son only accepts scientific artikels, so i did a lot of research, and only presented him serious artikels. Read the artikels on this homepage and read all the good stories on this forum.
My hope is that my son can live a normal life, and i think it is possible.
I wish the best for you and your son.
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