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I was wondering if there is anyone out there who is around my age (I'm 32) and has had to move back home to live with parent(s)? And if, how have you dealt with it emotionally?
Transverse Myelitis 2008; MS diagnosis July 2014 (relapsing-remitting); OMS July 2014.
I not yet living with parents but spend most of my time with them as I can't work.
My boyfriend who although supports me financially has aspergerers and is not there emotionally for me. He works all the time and I hardly see him.
I may move in with my parents if I get worse.
I feel for you hunny, m.s sucks and is cruel.
Living with parents ( I have done so on many occasions) is hard. And it's hard for them as well as us, as for a parent seeing their child suffering is beyond terrible.
I'm 36 btw and if I have to I will move in with them.

I think having something to do away from them from time to time would help.
And also do enjoy the time you get to spend with them, organise old photo albums with them, and help be as healthy as you can with introducing them to some of our healthy meals.
( my mum adopted the OMS diet even though she doesn't have m.s and losses 12kg, cholesterol dropped and is healthier than ever)

Emotionally I use to be a mess, even with being on antidepressants. I'm now on LDN and haven't looked back.
We can't help what happened to us.
I don't know if you are feeling what I did, which was guilt, loss of freedom and identity and frustration.
I use to bottle it up but now I talk it out with family and friends and my dog ( I'm dog crazy).
Thinking about you.
Sending love.
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