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I was hoping for a little advice if anyone feels like they can help.

I have what the neurologist thinks is a very mild form of RRMS. I've had no problems since my Dec 14 diagnosis and started OMS a few days after. I'm on no medication other than supplements and my doctor has no plans to start any until after I give birth and have had an MRI to check progress. I'm hoping they won't find any!

I'm 3 months pregnant and thrilled. As far as we know the baby is growing well and I'm doing ok. I had lots of nutritional levels checked privately recently and my diet is close to as good as possible.

What I am finding really hard is the lack of proper information and engagement with my MS - I'm struggling to get my midwifes and obstetricians to talk seriously about how best to look after me. I'm not sure if there are under informed or think I'm eccentric for my OMS approach but I can't make headway.

My two biggest worries:

- Am I getting my vit D levels right? I had a level of 168 mol/L when checked in late October and was advised to go down to 1000ui a day since November which I don't think is enough. Does anyone know if 150 mol/L is still recommended? That would need a daily dose of around 5000ui I think.

- Relapse after birth. My midwife seems certain that I might become instantly paralysed after birth as my original symptoms included 4/5 right side paralysis. I've never heard of this and can't see any evidence for that worry but that are doggedly planning for that scenario and its altering my hopes for my birth plan. Has anyone every heard of anything like this? Do I need to consider it or can I not worry too much?

Many thanks in advance!
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Have a read up the faq section here on all things family and pregnancy And vitamin d. Get in the driving seat and lead on what you want. You want what is best for you and baby and being here is a great start. Breast feeding you will see on reading is a great post birth tool to help you and baby.
Thank you, I have, but haven't been able to address these specific concerns.

Any advice from any mothers out there who have already managed a pregnancy without relapse would really set my mind at rest!
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
Congrats and I hope you get more replies. My symptoms started 8 weeks after the birth of our little number three. I wonder if your midwife is over interpreting the research of pregnancy reducing the number of relapses, but increased rates following birth (or any other highly stressful event mind you) .
Medical professionals are human too and they are probably not experts in MS and would only see a skewed population, in a hospital environment you tend to see people on their worst days (midwifery excepted :-) )
I would ask "have you seen that before" as a starting point to discuss what they are basing it on, plus doing your own research as you already are.
My best wishes
That's a great idea - thank you. You're right of course and just made me realise that asking for a more gentle approach from them would reduce my stress, hopefully naturally reducing the chances of what we're all working to avoid!

Thank you for your reply, wishing you well :-)
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
Hello HanM

Congratulations. I was diagnosed August 14 and fell pregnant three months later. I had the best pregnancy and quite stressful birth though till now no symptoms or relapse. My baby girl is almost six months.
I exclusively breastfeed and will soon start feeding her solids. I still take vitamin D.
My diet has been great to start with but I have slipped a bit over last few weeks which I'm not proud of but getting back on track.

My advice to you would be - do not stress to much. Enjoy your pregnancy and keep up with oms. The midwives and doctors do not need to worry about your lifestyle or watch you any closer then they would a person without MS... that is what they told me anyways


x x x
Thank you so much for this reply. I can't tell you how much it means to me to keep hearing these positive stories. It feels like everyone at my hospital, midwifes, neurologists, ms nurse all have a fairly traditional approach but I'll try my best to emphasise that I'm healthy in every other respect.

I'm thrilled to hear you are well. I'm planning exactly the same approach - breastfeeding and trying to keep myself (and maybe my family) on oms as much as possible.

I'm trying my best to not worry as I know well enough the links between stress and relapses. I'm due in July so plan to get as much sun as possible before and after, UK weather allowing.

Thank you again xx
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
Have you had your vitamin d retested since November?
Looking ahead when breast feeding you would deffinately need more than 1000 a day.
There have been a few pregnancy here I guess they are all busy Mums and not around to share with you how they managed their vitamin d.
veg wrote: Have you had your vitamin d retested since November?
Looking ahead when breast feeding you would deffinately need more than 1000 a day.

Totally agree! Keep vitamin D levels high.
1000iu a day is not enough!
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