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I take 5 - 10 k. a day. Have done so throughout pregnancy.
I did not share this with midwives or doctors...

Good luck

Thank you everyone for your posts. They have been so helpful.

Yes, I'm back up to 10,000 ui a day and am feeling much better. More energy, less tingling... I'll try my best to get my levels tested in the next month. It's hard even to do that - both my neurologist and GP are always reluctant.

I feel a bit saddened that I can't openly discuss my lifestyle choices and diet with my doctors but they at the moment only seem to see the bad in it, not the good. I might keep a few things to myself and see how I get on.

I'll be sure to come back to this post to give some updates, even if just to help people who come after me. There will be more in the UK who have these worries I'm sure.
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
I didn't realise it at the time, but I had MS symptoms before giving birth to our third child. Nothing dramatic at all happened straight after the birth. So, I think you can be very hopeful that your health will remain good after you have your baby, especially since you are adopting the lifestyle for overcoming MS. Yes 150 nmol/L is recommended, but many keep their Vitamin D level closer to 200 nmol/L. The OMS diet will be so good for both you and your baby - what a great start in life!
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Hi! Congrats on baby! I had MS for 5 years before I had Maggie. I was scared however I felt fantastic during pregnancy. My doctor told me that most times pregnancy helps the symptoms subside and i was reaping the benefits! I took vitamins but I wish I knew about OMS before to help me. I did have a relapse after my daughter, but that was expected however I'm not going to lie, it was almost nice to stay in the hospital to get myself back together for my baby. Don't forget to take time for you and rest!! You will be fine as well as your baby!
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I feel like I should post an update to round this thread off.

I ended up sticking to the advice given here - keeping vitamin d levels high, watching my diet, staying active and meditating and had a great pregnancy. I added some lean chicken and occasionally ate eggs and red meat when I craved them but stayed clear of all the other foods pregnant women normally crave like chocolate and cake :-)

I had a whole barrage of medical appointments as I was technically high risk which were so depressing but I stayed patient and stubborn, eventually getting (and having) the calm home water birth I wanted using hypnobirthing techniques. I had to compromise by filling out a disabled persons care plan (not sure if they have those outside the UK) but in the end, my team of midwives were just amazing and so supportive. I made the case that staying out of hospital would keep infection risk and stress levels down which they agreed to as well.

So far I have had no problems - my little girl is two weeks old now. I have a follow up booked with my MS nurse in a few weeks to see how we are getting on. I'm breastfeeding and hopefully can continue with that.

I feel like a very lucky woman indeed :D Thank you to everyone who posted replies to help me through!
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
Well done you, what a wonderful update
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