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Hi All, my wife is 5 months pregnant and she's had some numbness and burning in her feet the past 3 days.

Her previous pregnancy she was symptom free, but has a major attack 4 months post that left her without the use of her right hand for 1.5 months.

I was reading that numbness and burning in the hands and feet are very common pregnancy symptoms, we switched to the OMS (best we could) diet after her last relapse and she recovered a lot quicker than I imagined.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms during pregnancy?
So we are pretty positive this is a relapse or attack, it started off in both her feet and how its up to her waist. She says it feels like a slight buzzing, sometimes burning but it seems to be climbing upwards.

No drugs, last MRI was 6 years ago.. so far shes been stable.

We are 5 months pregnant... any suggestions? The doctor says the baby is too small to be causing anything like this, but my wife does get hip pain and shes a lot smaller (weight wise) since she started OMS>

She's freaking... I'm trying to keep her calm. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Hi, a list of my thoughts from reading your post.:
I guess you still have good vitamin d level
Sit together and do the breathing meditation, perhaps more than once a day
Perhaps sit in the garden/outside and watch the activity be it the insects buzzing and going about their business
Ensure to get enough sleep, perhaps include a short after lunch lie down
Look to lift the focus away from the body, inward dwelling can turn the amplifier knob up
Focus on doing what ever you can, that is what you can do and know that you are doing and take strength from doing and not just riding.
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