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I have the fussiest of fussy children (aged 6 and 8) :roll:

Unfortunately neither are keen on veg or legumes. Pasta is generally received well, and they are happy with soya yoghurts/puddings but to honest, that is about it!

What are your children's favourite OMS friendly meals - or do you adapt foods to make the more OMS friendly, but still give them non-OMS foods?

Thank you!
Jen x

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I do a bit of both. They eat much less processed food, much less meat and dairy, much less saturated fat, have daily vitamin D, but they're not fully OMS compliant.

Their favourite OMS compliant (or any to think of it) meal is pizza. Takes a bit of time to make the dough, but then it's a quick, easy and delicious meal and you really don't need the cheese.
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There are guides on children menus on engine2diet that is a good read. That will be oms compliant. There is also one on drmcdougall.com also oms compliant.
You might find some ideas there you have not tried.
Thanks for the links Veg, this helps... My 5yo has just decided this weekend that he wants to go vegan (vegaquarian like me!) so I've got some new ideas for meals for him too. I made him spaghetti bolognese tonight and his 8yo brother (a declared 'meatarian) was very jealous even after we told him it didn't have meat in it so he's requested to have it tomorrow night too along with his little brother and I - I've given hubby the choice to eat our vegan meal too.
I try to have a few nights that the rest of the family are meat-free so I might just increase the number of nights. My dream is that all of our family can all eat the same meal every night, because even though I have a thermomix it's still tiring cooking at least 2, sometimes three different meals at night.
Reading mc dougall cook book and general approach their meals the same and make a side dish(s) for the meat eaters so the core meal everyone eats too cut the effort of the cook and help everyone eat together. Farrier on here I think tries to do the same.
I was thinking of an example. Could do the 'no tu' bake, it is a no tuna pasta bake (recipe on web) and then provide two side dishes one with grated cheese the other with tinned tuna or even just do a tinned tuna bake with grated cheese on the side. One meal but all the family can eat and add bits if they want. Just thinking of cutting your kitchen effort. At 5 and 8 they could with your help pick and do one main meal a week, maybe give them the cook book from either of those two sites I mentioned and they pick the meal they want to try. They could help with making pizza, to start an easy one to adapt for all.
I've started introducing more fish and veggie meals into the weekly and haven't actually cooked red meat for quite some time. We are a dairy free house anyway so cheese doesn't feature much in the house except if hubby wants it as both boys are highly allergic to dairy anyway. They are keen to cook so I'll encourage them to choose some recipes from the sites you mentioned. My 5yo picks up my OMS recipe printouts which I have collated in a folder and chooses recipes to cook out of there so he's very keen to try the vegan way of life. He's excited to be going to world vegan day next month too.
Forks Over Knives today have just released a new book on family meals.
The other references have lots of internet free stuff, but thought to share the new book is out today I saw, apart from coconut the recipes I would expect to be OK.
Sounds like you have a budding kitchen companion there :-)
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