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Hi dear All! Is there anyone here wo has just had a baby? What about your experiences??? :)
Me! I have a two week old. What did you want to know?
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
I was diagnosed 3 years ago (although I have been suffering from symptoms since appr. 2010) and I am in a pretty good condition (no medication, only OMS), both physically and mentally. :) I think I am ready for having a baby (I am 33), but my boyfriend is terribly worried that my (currently non-existing) symptoms may come back. We have been talking a lot about that and I am also trying to find mums to discuss this topis. :) Have you been experiencing any symptoms? Since you cannot get enough sleep, do you feel that you are weaker or something? Do you have to rely on the help of other people ot can you get on well with the baby? (His fear is that since he is working in 24 - 48 shifts, "something may happen" when he is not around.

And anyway, congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
So like you, I was unsymptomatic and medication free when I became pregnant. I went on to have a completely healthy and normal pregnancy - in fact, at every check up, the midwives commented on how well I was compared to most other mums to be who had no other conditions to manage.

I was careful to plan the birth in a way that could be as calm as possible whilst also reducing the chance of contracting an infection. For me this meant a home birth but everyone does it differently. I would say, you need to decide what's best though, not be lead by the doctors or midwives. You will most likely have to get yourself out of the default 'high risk' category that people with MS get assigned to.

We're only 3 weeks in but I've had no problems so far. I feel the positive birth experience, my slower lifestyle (before diagnosis, I used to work and exercise way too much) and breastfeeding should protect me. My MS nurse has been supportive and we've made a plan in case of relapse - most likely at 6 weeks apparently.

Mostly though, I'm keeping faith in the OMS plan, positive thinking and taking it easy. I had my own worries too but life has to go on doesn't it? And, we have the most beautiful daughter ❤️

PM me if you have anything specific to ask xx
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
That's a wonderful post. :-)
Are you still taking vitamin d?
Yes - I live in London so natural vitamin d is hard to come by! I stayed on 10,000ui a day despite the NHS advice and was at 164nmol/L last time I tested myself. My GP and neurologist are often reluctant to test me so I bought a private one for about £25 for piece of mind.

I also stayed on flax oil. I ended up supplementing iron too using Spatone iron water.

I had to work pretty hard to eat enough (I still am really) and got warned at every appointment that my baby would be small as I wasn't putting on weight but she wasn't, she was a really normal 7lbs 3 and I'm trying my best.
Diagnosed: 16 Dec 2014
OMS: 25 Dec 2014
You are doing really well. Your baby will get a great start.
Well done on the vitamin d front.
Sweet potato makes a great filling snack, bake a load up then eat cold from the fridge as a filling very dense quick snack.
Hi, I got the diagnose in 2012. I gave birth in 2014 (after IVF) and this year (spontaneus :lol: ). I am on OMS program since 2013 :D . I breastfeeded my first child and this one (she is 7 months) as well. The lack of sleep is the biggest problem as I see it, so I try to sleep over day time along with my baby. Our house is a mess but with 3 years old toddler is it anyway :lol: I get a lot of help from my husband- especially with havier things: like lifting, big shopping... I had no relapses but from my last attack (2012) my right leg is weaker...
The only "problem" is how to get enough callories while breastfeeding... so I always eat :lol: we cook at home anyway and maternal leave in Slovenia lasts 11 months :lol:
Ah yes and meditation is a bit problematic now althou verry heplpfull also because everyday stress with children. Hope I will manage to theach them to do it with me- this works the best: doing things together :P
Wish you all the best and a lot of strenght for all the things comming :-*
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