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Hi all!

I have been on OMS for about 8 months now and so far doing good. I'm also 8 weeks pregnant and couldn't be more thrilled!

However, I seem to be suffering from severe morning sickness. Unfortunately, the things that set me off are all the vegan foods I used to enjoy: soy products, vegetables, flax seed oil, beans. Only fruit stays down.

Does anyone have any tips? I had to resort to lean chicken meat and some products with oil as I need to eat something, but I'd prefer eating OMS as much as I can. I'm taking fish oil capsules to replace the flax seed oil. I feel miserable, but not beoing able to eat makes it so much worse.
Perhaps the videos of Michael Greger on morning sickness contains something that might be of interest:
http://nutritionfacts.org/video/natural ... -sickness/
http://nutritionfacts.org/video/morning ... and-child/

I hope you get better soon!
Congratulations on your pregnancy. What about cold baked potato or cold cooked salmon cold cooked sweet potato, porridge oats. How's your vitamin d
VitD was fine, 164 nmol/l last checkup in August.

Potatoes are a hit and miss; some days are fine, some days I can't stomach them. I'm living on bananas now, lol.
Congratulations! Maybe things like guacamole or hummus would be ok? Broths/soups? Or tahini and honey on toast is nice if it's something sweeter you're after. Nut butters? It's so personal. I hope you find something that works for you and just hold on to the fact that it will pass.
Just a little update... MS (morning sickness in this case, so confusing ;) ) got so bad that I could barely eat anything. I lost 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks so the doctor told me to just eat what I can or I'd end up in the hospital. So I resorted to eating low-fat cheese sandwiches, as it was literally the only thing I could get (and keep) down.

I'm trying my hardest to at least stick to low-fat everything and to keep up the other OMS aspects. I hope it will calm down soon so that I can eat healthy again, but I guess I need my nutrients now... at least I can get in some vegetables in the evening again :)

Everything to overcome Morning Sickness and Multiple Sclerosis at this point...!
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