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I came here several months ago looking for anyone who had posted about staying on Copaxone before, during, and after pregnancy.
Now I can say to someone else who may be looking; I've been on it, staying on it, plan to breastfeed on it, and have the approval of every physician caring for us.
That's great, thank you for sharing.
I meant to keep this updated, just in case some other person in my shoes happened upon the post...sorry! So far so good! Only had minor Copaxone drama which I'll get to.
Baby is doing well, HR always good, very active on the last US and everything appeared normal. We have the fetal abnormality screen and a genetic consult (I don't know what they will say about MS prevention that Dr J has not already!) in a few weeks. The AFP screen was negative, and the DNA 21 Plus labs were also normal. Saw my neuro a few weeks ago and got upgraded to every 5 month visits since I am doing so well!
On to the fire juice. It took me a few shots to figure out there was a pattern to the chest pressure and shortness of breath I was feeling all day, and apparently the increase in blood flow to the legs is causing rapid absorption the injection. I've just moved off to other areas and no problems now.

I have volunteered to be part of a study, called Mother to Baby. They have different studies enrolling moms with MS, some looking for certain exposures to medications. I thought I would be in a Copaxone study, but I will be a control for others. I'm happy to give back either way!

A few random pregger things:
Where's the heat? I'm getting colder as time goes on, do I blame MS :lol: I have found Flax4Life muffins, they have about 5g omega 3 per muffin. Good Karma vanilla flax milk is awesome, and has 1200mg omega 3 per glass. Bragg's nutritional yeast is the only one I can find that has published testing for lead, and it's tasty. SafeCatch Elite tests every tuna fish for mercury, is suppose to be the lowest contaminants on the market, and tastes great. Rolling your foot on a golf ball works so well for aching feet. I like Headspace, the meditation app, and it had a free 2 week trial. Prenatal massage...you need one!
Hey great update
Baby is still doing awesome! We had our genetic consult, and I highly recommend reading the book, as Dr J has loads more details and research than I was provided at our visit. I found it ironic that I was given the information for the Mother to Baby research program for MS mommies, as I am already a participant. The high definition scan was really cool, and thankfully, normal!
Copaxone continues, but I've added a square of organic fair trade extra dark chocolate to shot nights. It only has one gram of saturated fat and chocolate curbs pain, right? I do miss having wine on shot night.
And to the bad news? I'm an idiot. I assumed since my starting D level was 43 at diagnosis (my goal is 60) and before any supplementing, that I would be golden now and skipped asking for the 6 month follow up lab entirely. Now at 9 months of supplementing my level is...43?! We just finished winter, and I know the baby takes some also, but jeez!
Vitamin d rises my assumption is only if the supplementation is above your daily body plus pregnancy demands.
Lovely to read baby is doing awesome. Happy Days :-)
I'm not sure how much to increase it to, or how much more baby will need. I'm at 15,000IU now (was 10k IU) and maybe get two days of sun exposure.
One month to go and zero MS for the past few weeks! I thought it was a pipe dream, but apparently the hype is real.
So, I'm planning to breastfeed and wanted to know if any of you had been given pump and dump guidelines after injecting?
I found a Dr Hale that recommends pumping right after injecting and then waiting an hour to breastfeed; during the neonate period when the GI tract is immature.
This confused me because the absorption would have to be instant to require a pump and dump right after the shot; and would mean it is rapidly metabolized if only needing to wait an hour to breastfeed ( so why do both? Or why not wait an hour, then pump and dump just to be safe?). I have not been able to find info about either online and will call Teva Monday, but will not hear our pediatrician's advice for another month.
Everything is great with both of us, btw! Excited to check in with my neuro next week and see what the next steps are for follow up.
hi kdali,
I assume by now baby is here!! I wanted to touch base and see how you are feeling? After the birth of my daughter I found out that I have MS. I take copaxone shots (40mg) three times a week. I just found out that I'm expecting my second baby, presently only at the 5 week mark. My neurologist advised me to get off copaxone before getting pregnant, but things don't always work out as planned. I have an appointment to see my neuro next week, but I think I'll stop the injections for now and see how the next few weeks play out.

if anyone has any studies they could share on prenatal care for MS patients that would be much appreciated.

much love
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