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Thank you for your advice.do you take 3 caps /day? It look very higt in vitamins.
I take the Garden of Life Prenatal, called Raw Code and one dose is 3 capsules. People can't absorb all of one a day multivitamin, so I prefer having 3 caps, and these I can take even if I'm nauseated.
The D3 is one capsule of 10,000IU. My lab result is only 43, and it should be 60nm/ml. With that I take additional iron, and my lab was perfect. I also take algae based DHA for the baby's brain and eat foods with flax or add flax oil to meals.
My OB is very pleased with our health.
Carmen I took 2000-5000k Vit D in pregnancy, my neuro said it was OK and I was also given some Calcium+VitD tablets for pregnant women (although these were about 400 IU only).
Just for illustration f you go on sunshine mid day in a hot climate your body produces 15,000 IU... though capsules might be a different story regarding safety for a baby...
If you keep your vitamin d up baby gets what they need through your breast milk as far as I know. The faq section covers vitamin d for family members I think.
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