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Hi everyone
I am looking for suggestions for a good non dairy formula. I plan on breast feeding but I am told that at times, mom's milk does not come right away.
I'm put off by the multiple ingredients in most of the formula I've found on Amazon. I bought enfamil soy formula, but I would like to know if there's a better way. Has anyone ever made formula at home? I found a recipe for vegan home made formula online, but it was not for new borns.
Have you got access to good laction advisors in your area, perhaps make contact with them now to understand what support you could get.
Drmcdougall.com I did read once when pushed which non dairy formula he'd suggest.
If you are planning a possibility of bottle you might want to get the natural shaped bottle teats that work similar to the breast so baby less fussy on switching. Not personally experienced them but read about them helping.
Sueme 13

the milk never comes right away. There is something called colostrum that comes before that. It is natural and colostrum is the most nutritios for a newborn.
The early days were quite stressful for me as even though I had lots of info about breastfeeding I was freaking out because I though I did not have milk (and I never saw the colostrum myself). I almost ran to the shop after three days to get a formula! I am so glad I did not.... My milk came in within a week or so. My baby was actually thriving....
I honestly first thought my baby was dehydrated after all that crying and I saw her lips were dry. Oh how I cried!! I did not know what to do. I continued breastfeeding and tried pumping. ...milk came through and I breastfeed until now :). I later realised that those dry lips were just a dried colostrum on her little lips :) :) :) :) it tickles me now but if I knew then what I know now it would made my life much easier.
Please do some research, learn as much as you can about BF and as veg suggested maybe speak to a breasfeeding consultant.
I would personally not feed a newborn with a bottle (unless there are health issues but these are very rare) as I would be worried it affects the breasfeeding for future (baby could refuse breast after getting used to bottle).
Also..if someone says 'bottle will make your baby sleep better' this is not true. I know many mums who bottle fed and had the most exhausting nights and I know some exclusively BF mums whose (both) babies slept through the night very early on.

(Sorry to go on if not what you wanted to hear but I have done some BF community support training recently :) )
I had a look at non dairy formulas some time ago but only saw the soy ones. I am not sure where to get the best info but maybe even your GP or paediatrician should have some info?

However you decide I hope you are both well and healthy.

I wish you all the best.

Thanks veg. I don't know why I didn't think of that.. I will get in touch with a lactation consultant!
I looked up McDougall's video on infant formula. I love his approach, according to him, formula should be banned. :lol: and looking at all of the ingredients listed on those cans, I can see where he's coming from. Cow's milk formula is out of the question either way, the non dairy ones seem like they're full of chemicals and oils for the most part. Hope you're keeping well! :-)

Thanks Martina. I am all for breast feeding. You mentioned your milk came in a week later. Was your baby on colostrum through the week then? I did read that colostrum is what comes in first. I'm going to definitely get in touch with a lactation consultant now, thanks for the suggestions. I'm scheduled to meet a pediatrician next week and I'm hoping she can give her input on this as well.
It sounds like you had your baby recently. Hope you're both keeping well! :-)
Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and your lovely bundle and you flourish.
Enfamil Nutramigen Baby Formula - Powder - 12.6 oz https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HW1UXCA/re ... nzbF2NJBTV

What do you think about this one? I am looking also for a back up feeding option in case I relapse and have to go to the hospital. I function better safe than sorry.
Thank you!
Hello Sueme13,

Congratulations on your happy situation! I have very good memories of easy, trouble free births. I am sure all of here on the forum will be rooting for the same to be true for you.

You have received some very good advice already. I just want to put in an extra plug for colostrum. Marina has already made the very good point that it is very nutritious. Over and above that, though, the colostrum is incredibly important for your baby's immune system. Those first few days, before the milk arrives, lay the foundation for the immune system that will look after your baby for the rest of his or her life. Some new mums worry that the baby is not putting on weight during these days but that's ok. The weight gain will come once the milk arrives,

There is more information about the way colostrum works to supercharge the immune system in the post below:


Scientists are still getting to grips with how our immune system is formed and functions so some of this information is very new and may not even be known to paediatricians and lactation specialists. But I am sure they will all agree that the colostrum period is really, really important, so you don't want your baby to miss out on that if you possibly can.

Really hope all goes well for you - and for kdali - who from the sound of it, is also expecting!

All best wishes,

The Gut Microbiome is KEY to optimal health.
The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Great message from Jette! I forgot to mention the most important function of colostrum and that is as Jette said to support and build up baby's immune system.

To your questions sueme - yes the first 6 days or so were colostrum plus the milk comes sort of gradually e.g. it changes according to baby's needs.
She was absolutely fine, lost about 7th of her birth wait in the first week but this is also normal.
Babies lose weight in the first 7 days due to them cleaning their system of all the meconium and extra fluids etc. After the initial loss she started gaining very healthily and was back to her birth weight within another few days.
She is now almost two now :) and I still feed her before bed and some mornings.

Expressing is another way of building up store of milk (freeze) for any eventualities though I never managed that at all due to it being quite hard work for me and baby was pretty much latched constantly in the first few weeks :shock: :D

I wish you all the best, enjoy rest of your pregnancy and hope all goes well for you and the little one!!

Apologies for the late reply. My baby surprised us by arriving a bit early, so I am only getting back to this forum now.

Thank you for the suggestions Martina, Jette, I've been breast feeding since day 1 but we've had to supplement with formula as well.

Kdali the formula you linked to contains milk if you look at the ingredients.
The hospital where I gave birth suggested Enfamil soy formula, you can find that on Amazon as well. Another one I saw on Amazon was Earth's Best Organic Soy Formula.

Thank you veg :-)
Hi! I am breastfeeding with low supply issues due to a tongue tie and latch problems early on. I do supplement some as I do not make enough. I can across a vegan formula that you make yourself it includes bananas, hemp, Irish moss, and oats recipes are on you tube(vegan baby formula) if interested! I feel it's way better than cows milk any day! Best of luck!
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