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Hello everyone
Is it safe to take a vitamin D megadose while breastfeeding? I am taking 7500 IU a day and I suspect my D levels may be a bit low right now. I want to take a dose of 100,000 but I am unsure since I'm breastfeeding my 4 month old.
Does anyone have a link to where I could find info about this topic?
Thank you.
Hi Sueme and congratulations. Hope you both are doing well. and little one is thriving :). I do not have a link to any final answer but I recall it has been discussed here some time ago.
From what I know is that there is only very little vitamin D that gets through to the breast milk (that's why it's recommended to supplement babies as well). but I would definitely do some research here on the forum. Sorry I can't help more.
Thank you @Zboj I did look it up in the search feature and found one discussion but nothing conclusive seems to have come off that.
Sorry i don't have link to a discussion relating to your question but I think It's completely okay and perfectly safe to use baby formula as well and many families choose this type of combination feeding method, whether out of necessity, convenience, or simply a personal choice.
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