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Hello, I hope everyone is doing well!

I am wondering if anyone has had solid info on how long to stop medication before getting pregnant, specifically Tecfidera. My neuro had to google it and still didn't have an answer.

Also, how long does Tecfidera take to get out of your body? My understanding is that it is quick, but they recommend extra months to wait so that your immune system can stabalize... Is this correct at all?

Thanks so much for any input! :) :)
I recently asked this question as I am likely to be starting either Tecfidera or Gilenya soon. The nurse I spoke with said that you have to come off the drug gradually, and then wait for around 3 months before trying to conceive.

Hope this helps.
Tecfidera leaves your body in about 24 hours and mostly via the lungs. Seems wise to leave a little extra space of course but it’s a pretty major advantage to the drug. It also doesn’t have a rebound effect like gilyena. It could take some time for your lymphocytes to return to normal but they could be ok without waiting. Do you have recent blood tests? That would give you a good idea.
Thank you for both replies! Yes, my lymphocytes are a bit on the lower range of normal for someone on the drug, but not within the danger zone where they would take me off or anything. Is there a reason to come off of Tecfidera gradually? Thanks again.
Hi I recently did this and doctor recommended stopping 2 mo the prior to trying. I stopped a little more than that more like 3 months. Baby is 5 mo now and am hesitant to start it again after breastfeeding. Best of luck!!
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