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Sorry just wanted to post this as it's something that bothers me today. I am pregnant with my second child (still early.. ). While I was pregnant with first I was already on OMS diet and vitamin D and all. Today I was reading in one of the baby forums (..I know ..I know!..) that someone with MS has been advised
1) women with MS are likely to have baby with low birth weight
2) they are more likely to need intervention when delivering

This has upset me as these are obstetricians that are giving these misinformation and unnecessary worries to women who are already dealing with a lot.
Needless to say I have tried to pass some more information over however I do know how difficult that is as 'who would trust some person from internet over their own doctor...?' I am also trying to pass as much info as I can on vitamin D which was well received and link OMS website - hoping someone will decide to look at it.

So - the question is - what are peoples experiences here with delivery/birth weight? I trust there is no connection whatsoever (unless someone's symptoms do not allow to deliver naturally??)
But birth weight - I just find this very strange thing to suggest by a medical professional. but I might be wrong?

Thank you

On the flip side an OMS Mum to be isn't going to be eating junk, dairy, greasy burgers so is likely to have a gorgeous strappingly healthy baby :-)
It's been a few years since I looked into anything like this but at the time I don't recall coming across anything to do with reduced birth rate.
Congratulations and I hope you have a lovely pregnancy.
I'm into my eight month of pregnancy, my baby's birth weight is confirmed to be low (6th percentile). I've been followed very closely by the high risk team throughout my pregnancy with weekly body scans to make sure everything is ok.

When I hit 36 weeks (3 weeks from now), the doctors are going to make a call on what to do for delivery. If she stays below the 10th percentile they will induce me at 38 weeks. C-section or natural has not been confirmed at this point, I hoping naturally (despite induction) but they have prepared me for c-section as well.

Just thought I'd share my experience thus far. This is my second baby, I was diagnosed with RRMS just after the birth of our first daughter in 2016. She was a healthy 7lbs 12oz with no complications. Trying to stay positive, and calm, for another small but healthy baby.

My daughter was born at 2435 grams, that's under 5 pounds. I was worried sick the last weeks of my pregnancy and had regular checkups. I was induced at 38 weeks as the doctors felt she was better off outside of me. Thankfully after she was born she did so well we got to go home within 2 days and she went over her birth weight in only 5 days!! I recovered swiftly too and we both did great until October when I had a relapse. I did not stick to OMS during my pregnancy (had skim milk and some low fat meat as I had terrible nausea and could hardly get anything in) and I guess that was the price I paid.

She's 11 months now and doing perfectly well. I didn't know MS could cause low birth weight and it would have lessened my anxiety if I knew the cause; they never found any reason. The placenta and the baby were both perfect. I suppose my odds of this happening again for a second baby are pretty high, which worries me but I also know my baby girl came out perfect.

I hope you and your baby are doing well!

Hi there,

my baby was also quite small and did not grow a lot the last three months. When I had my last check, a week before estimated delivery date, she had not grown for three weeks and they decided to induce. Within two days, it worked out and her weight was 2340 gr. The birth was so quick and wonderful. She was basically on my boopies all day long and after a month, her weight was on the average. :-D

Woah Kara12, that sounds EXACTLY like my experience, up to the 2-day induction! That's so crazy. I wonder what it is in MS that increases the odds of the baby not getting enough nutrients in the final 3 months? My baby was fine length-wise but was just very, very thin.

Wow, that's crazy indeed!
Not sure, my plazenta was fine, I had some arterial notching, but not too bad. I took magnesium during pregnancy but stopped at week 36 and strangely, it coincides with the nutrition getting even worse.

Little update on this one... my second baby is having growth issues as well. A gyneacologist I saw confirmed that this actually does happen more frequently in moms with MS. I wish there was more info or research on this, as I think it would have been good to know this beforehand. My daughter is doing great now and I am sure my baby will be, too, but it’s good to know why this happens.
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