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I follow OMS program since my diagnosis in 2010. I was diagnosed 4 months after my sister's diagnosis.
Program fulfilled me with hope at the beginning, what was crutial for me and provided benefits like were discribed in the OMS book.
I started to feel better after 3-4 years, then it slowly continued. When I was on the diet for 7 years, I felt almost heatlhy.
I was trying to convince my sister to follow the program as well. She at the beginning didn't follow the program, then maybe after 3 years, she started, followed progrm for 4 years, but it did't provide her the benefits like in my case.
Now I see worsening of my symptoms, I know that it is related to the stress I feel related to the progression of the illness in my sister's case.
I got one of the majors atacks of my illness because I couldn't bear that she is ill, back in 2010. Now the situation somehow repeated. Even if the attach is very light - sensational type.

I feel guilt in some way, because I feel good and she doesn't. Also, that I was not ble to convince het to follow the program.
She does what she can and she tries lot of different things and I hope that she will be successfull.

Dealing with MS in my case is one point, but dealing with MS in my sister's case, is for me somehow much more difficult.

Is somebody here who's close relative has MS. How you deal with that?

Thank you
Welcome Grun.
Firstly be kind to yourself for seeing opportunity in embracing OMS.
I can't offer specific thoughts but I know from my own family people only hear and do what they want to, however much we might hope otherwise. Perhaps some form of councelling might help you so that you are more at ease with the situation. It sounds like you are a lovely caring sister to have.
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