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I live in London, my mum lives in New Zealand. She's staying with me at the moment.

I was diagnosed in November and started OMS in January. I also started on Tecfidera. I had a bit of a wobble, bad fatigue which turned out to be caused by a minor infection. A few weeks later I mentioned not eating something and Mum said "you're not still on that diet are you, I thought you were better!" I said no, I still have MS, don't I!

So I was worried about her visiting. She actually has a very healthy diet, lots of fruit and veg, not much meat. Then before coming she said she wanted to eat how I eat while she's here. She told me not to buy any milk for her.

Anyway she's been here a week and says when she goes back, she'll continue to eat this way because she feels so much better (she travels much better than me, I'd still have jet lag after a week).

Has anyone else for family members following OMS? Mum has read the book now and I think she's willing to give meditation a go - this is the woman who leaves yoga class when the relaxation part starts!
My mother followed the diet for well over a year before ‘falling off the wagon ‘
When she was on it her cholesterol came down, arthritis improved and she lost a great deal of weight.
Although she felt so well on the diet, old ways crept back in.
She would like to be on it again but it isn’t easy.

My sister has adopted many of the rules in the diet and has also seen benefits.
It’s certainly less lonely on diet when others around you follow suit.
I have to contend with a husband complaining about tasteless vegan "junk" and wishing I could cook him complicated meat dishes , which I don't have the strength to do :-(
Does anyone else have an unsympathetic spouse - and how do you cope?
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