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I know that flax oil contains ALA, which can be converted into DHA and EPA within the body. I'm just wondering if the OMS recommendations for flax oil are enough to provide the necessary Omega 3's during pregnancy. Does anyone have any insight on this? Greatly appreciated!
Dear Karryn,
Dr. Michael Greger has a post on this topic (linked to some of his videos for further information) concluding: “Given this, I recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women on plant-based diets to follow the consensus guidelines to get about 200mg of preformed DHA from an uncontaminated source, like algae oil, which is probably the best combination for all women given the state of our world to minimize exposure to toxic pollutants such as dioxins, PCBs, and mercury”.
(See https://nutritionfacts.org/2018/11/22/s ... pregnancy/ ).
The respective video is https://nutritionfacts.org/video/should ... pregnancy/ of 2016, April 11th.
He also recommends staying away from fish during pregnancy (and even before, when planning to get pregnant), especially bigger fish on the upper end of the food chain which feed off other fish, because these accumulate noxious mercury.
Perhaps you will find his post and videos interesting and helpful.
Best wishes
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