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Not specifically Melbourne, but I would always recommend the Happy Cow app to find vegan restaurants
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Hi all

I am really keen to organise something in Melbourne if anyone is still about. There is such fantastic food there. I'm up for the Northern/Western suburbs, if anyone else can make it.

Cheers, fiona
Hi Fiona
I’m in Melbourne (north). Would be happy to meet up if you are organising a group.
Hi Ssolo,
I am doing my best to organise a group, at the moment there are people from Melbourne, Geelong and Western Victoria involved. I'm catching up with someone from Melbourne early next week. We haven't organised all of the details, you would be welcome to come along. We also have a Facebook page but to join that you would need to join the Geelong OMS circle. I think it's under community, it would be great to have you.
So how we going organising a catch up. Has it been done and I've missed it or we still getting it up and running.
Hi Craig, we are still working on organising a catch-up but illness and weather have been getting in the way. We've been talking about it again. There are members of our circle across Western Victoria so both Melbourne and Daylesford have come up as options. It would be great if you joined the Geelong Circle under 'community' and then tell us when would suit you.
Hope to hear from you,
Cheers Fionarose though i didn't realise you were mostly on that side of town I'm on the other side of Melbourne, Bayside. Still happy to catch up if still welcome and if still on. Will touch base on the thread/posts you mentioned and go from there.
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