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This is a shout out to all OMSers in Victoria, and particularly those in Melbourne. Things have become even harder here with our continuing fight with Covid19. The social isolation as well as the uncertainty with the rising number of cases is really wearing people down.
There is a Circle in Geelong that anyone is welcome to join. We have members from all over Victoria. We catch up on Facebook, Google groups, and have regular Zoom meetings. This is a really supportive, knowledgeable and fun group of people. If you would like to join us, we would love to have you. Please message me with any questions and take care and be safe.
I would love to join your virtual circles meets — please help me join, I need a community I can relate to and feel connected to especially during these trying times. .
Please pm me- my email is [email protected]
Hi Awesome, I will do, great to have you :)
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