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Hi shelli. Those weekends sound great. Lori and I are happy to travel to Sutherland as this seems to be the most central point for everyone. Lunch would be good. Are there any George friendly places to go. Sushi is always a good option

Cheers Paul and Lori
There is a small japanese restaurant that has opened recently - I might pop in and check out their menu.

There is also a great healthy vegan restaurant in surry hills (Noursihing Quarter) that focuses on food and its nourishing, healing components, I might give them a call and see how much of their menu is OMS-friendly - I've eaten there a few times and the place is small but food divine!

Any other suggestions for cafes/restaurants?
Sutherland sounds good to me too. Happy to travel to there. Of the two weekends late October or early Nov, I would prefer early November.
Don't mind about the time.

Surry Hils sounds nice. Might have to check it out myself later, even if we go the Japanese. Maybe if we are meeting at Sutherland we don't want to travel further to Surry Hills?? Just a thought??

Looking forward to meeting you!
Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
Is this group still running? I am recently diagnosed and live in Gerringong.
I have only just read this thread of posts, so apologises for coming in so late.

I live in Manly!

I would love to catch up.
maybe we could have regional meetings that are easy to get to for people living close, and if someone is living a bit farther away, they can do so, rather than trying to get everyone together?
From previos posts, it looks like we have :
4 people for Sutherland Shire & further South
2 people for Eastern Suburbs
3 people North Shore

I live in Lane Cove, so for me it would be easy to meet with Christine & Vicky 21. How about a Sunday in May for brunch or afternoon coffee, 12 or 19 May ?
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