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I live in Adelaide's southern suburbs. Do we have any other South Australian OMSers who might like to meet up?

I've not contacted any local MS group - have heard a bit about the attitudes there, and seems to match what people here (OMS forum) have reported with their own local groups.

I'm from Adelaide and would be keen to meet others.

I'm only very newly diagnosed so haven't had a chance to contact the local MS Society - can I ask what you mean by the attitudes? I was really hoping that they'd be a good form of support for me..
G'day CB

I think they could be good support, for sure. I just have the feeling that they're not such good support for this OMS Recovery Programme.

Now I'm trying to cast my mind back about attitudes ... and finding it hard to articulate. Nothing dreadful, just disappointing, somehow. Something along the lines of looking at scientifically proven treatments (that don't seem to include OMS), not recommending the OMS programme ... somehow just not bothering about it. Faintly depressing...

A close friend with MS went a couple times and only met one bloke who was a positive sort of soul. She found it faintly depressing and stopped going. That's just so far from what I get here on this website! Even when people here post that they are struggling, the help is just so positive! And so many times someone posts a topic that I've been struggling with, and my answer is there before I've had a chance to ask the question.

I was diagnosed for about 2 years before I 'came out' about my MS - and I've only been able to do that because of the information sharing and support here at OMS.

At one stage, I did feel hopeless and bad enough to decide to contact the (same) local group anyway, but several days before the next meeting they had, I was loaned the copy of George's book. For the first time, I felt hopeful about being able to do something to influence my MS.

Then I visited this website for the first time, and ... well, WOW, really. Help unlimited, it seems. (Thank you all!). When I come to this website, I'm in the company of people who are positive and empowered in their MS journey.

So maybe it's not just about the attitudes in other groups, but the terrific attitudes in this one, not to mention my own attitude, whatever that is (I'm a bit easily led, sometimes).

Someone here once mentioned some ad and said something like "... it showed people in wheelchairs with smiling faces, but I'd rather be heading for a life not in a wheelchair" ... and I think that illustrates the difference in attitudes that I'm thinking of.

Gosh! ... doesn't pay to get me started, does it! Sorry to go on so much, and I hope I did answer your question in amongst all that!

I hope your local MS group, or the MS Society is a good support for you, too. I guess I thought they just weren't the sort of help I was looking for.

Ruth (not meaning to put anyone off the MS Society at all!)
I'm in Semaphore, SA. Anyone nearby?
G'day Israfel,

I'm in Onkaparinga Hills... near Morphett Vale.

Hey Om S's. .I'm close to you. I'm in Woodcroft SA
Hi Flcnhie
I've only just seen your message - sorry if you've been feeling ignored!
Would you like to meet for a cuppa?

Just bumping this up... I recently met with some OMSers in Adelaide. They were lovely and really supportive and welcoming.

PM me if you want details. I too avoided the other MS groups for similar reasons.
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
OMS Retreat May 2016
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