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Great idea! I'm in the Lane Cove area of Sydney and would love to catch up with OMS people in the area. Have car, can travel :-)
Hello, I'm new to OMS and based in Sydney. Have there been any Sydney meet ups?

I'm from the sutherland shire and would love to meet other omsarians...
Vixoo - there was a sydney get-together organised by Rey a few months back - it was a great night.
we should try for a get-together in the new year...
I agree msr, time for another meetup. Maienkind, I am in Wollongong.

Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
Hi I'm in North-West Sydney!
Dx Dec 2008, DENIAL, OMS Jul 2011, Copaxone Nov 2011.
Hi, am also in the Sydney area.
Happy New Year!
Regarding a meeting, would Sunday work for everyone? And how is everyone here - would you go for a meeting at a beach (with benches) or rather a cafe ?
Hi, I would like to come. I would be happy either way.
A sunday get-together at either a beach or a cafe sounds lovely.
sorry for the late reply - how about meeting on Sunday, 17 February ?

Does anyone have a good cafe they'd like to recommend for a meeting ?

I like the Bathers Pavillion down at Balmoral Beach, but it can be quite full and parking is a bit hard to come by, especially if the weather is nice.
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