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I can make the 17th and the bathers pavilion sounds nice - i always love going somewhere new!

are we able to book a table if its usually busy?
kindness shell
I can check - I think you can only reserve the (very expensive) restaurant though, and when it's really full, moving through might be a bit of a challenge. How mobile is everyone ?
no more takers from the looks of it. does anyone have other suggestions for a date or venue?
Sorry, only just checked in. I am not able to make it on the 17th but don't wait for me, I can always just come next time.
looks like we have 2 threads for people from Sydney; maybe we just leave it on the other one: Sydneysiders.
Have just suggested a meeting 12 or 17 May Sunday on there.
I live in Manly and keen to meet up.
Hello! Just reigniting this old post. I'm new to OMS but not to MS. Diagnosed 2009. Would be keen to meet up with like-minded OMSers. Does anybody get together at all?
Hello.....I have met up with two lovely OMSers in Sydney. I would love to catch up again with anyone interested. I'm in Sydney Northern Beaches ... Happy to meet up anywhere though.
MS July 2013, OMS August 2013
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