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I am newly diagnosed and having trouble getting in to see a neurologist - is there anyone in perth who can recommend a good neurologist or give me any other info? A good GP who understands the system?
I am from the South West BUT you have one of the best M.S Societies in Australia at your door step. Get in contact with MSWA they are in Wilson, you will be given as much support as you need and I am sure they could supply you with a few names of Neurologists.
I am an MS advocate for the society in the South West. I highly recommend you be in touch with MSWA they will look after you Also if George J is doing any newly diagnosed seminars with MSWA or in Melbourne with Ian Gawler I would go to one if you can you will learn heaps from this man. I went to one of the first he ran with Ian Gawler it was a very interesting week. and one I still pull from the knowledge taken from it.
Just remember your not going thru this alone there are people out there who will /can help you, you just have to let them know your there. Keep well
Lynda :)
Definitely agree about the worth of seminars/retreats featuring George, or Ian Gawler, or Craig Hassed. Absolute gold!


OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
Thanks Linda - that is good information - I actually got scared or the the MS Society because my referring MS nurse from Fremantle hospital - a well meaning and kind woman I am sure but really anti the diet and also seemed to be accidentallly just not on my team when I was questioning the judgement of my neurologist - I did not feel heard - and she kept telling me how lucky I was to have access to the medications as they don't give them in England, when I was worried about side effects, etc. Because she was affiliated with the MS society, I kind of became worried that they would not be useful to me and just make me feel bad. Your post is somewhat reassuring - I would rather join them without referral or association with this nurse though. maybe I should give them a call?

Thanks Susan, also.
Just saw your post. MSWA is good, there are those for and those against the oms approach. I came through Freo as well and found the nurse a good advocate for the patient but not in favour of oms but it was a different nurse then. I was referred to a neuro at Freo and have found the clinic there good but the hospital arranged it all.

Join the society and you will be kept updated on when there are presenters. I must admit it seems to have slowed since I joined a couple of years ago but they are proactive and perhaps I dont't pay as much attention as I did that first year of dx.

Good luck and keep on with oms, I started within a month of dx in March 2011 (ordered the book while in hospital) did a retreat Oct last year and still going well. Plus I have a good GP!

Cheers Moira

I've just seen this post! I'm from Country WA but I've been living in Perth for about 12 years.

I was Dx in June this year and I've been on OMS since then as we'll. I came thru Charlie Gardeners though.

I got in touch with MSWA right away and they've been really good.

My MS Nurse does not agree with OMS, in fact she called it "extreme" but I took her words with a grain of salt! There is too much positive results from following OMS to ignore it.

I also went to a newly diagnosed seminar at MSWA in Wilson recently, and I didn't really learn anything new. But you might find it helpful so I really do suggest that you get in touch with MSWA. Membership is only $20 per year, so I think it's worth while to join up.

As far as Neuro's go, mine is okay. Very anti OMS, so I sadly I don't know one who will support you with that. But he did prescribe me copaxone like I asked, so that was good. I'm thinking of switching Neuro's to one who specializes in the MS sector as mine is a bit pushy as to what drugs I should be taking.

I'm also off to a retreat in a few weeks, so I'm looking forward to that!

Hope this info helps.

Hello to Everyone

I have just come across the 'location' heading and specifically 'Perth, Western Australia'.

I live in Melville and would welcome sharing thoughts on how things regarding MS and the treatment path is heading in WA.

Welcome any comments.

Best Wishes to All.

Hi All Fellow Sandgropers

Would anyone in Perth like to catch up for a coffee and discuss where we are all up to with regards our MS journey?


Just in case anyone is still reading this one! I’m in Perth- would like to meet up as I don’t know anyone else with MS and I’m newly diagnosed.
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