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We have started a peer support group/get together for those on the OMS program and those thinking about it, as well as anyone who is curious!
We get together the 3rd Monday every month at 7pm for about an hour and a half. The venue is Pembroke School Old Scholars War Memorial Hall (now isn't that an impressive building name!).
Directions to get there:
Pembroke School hall is opposite Pembroke School at 342 The Parade Kensington Park. If you are coming from the city the hall is on your left just before a set of pedestrian lights. You will see a small road between the tennis courts on your left, take that to the end and the hall is the building on your left by the ovals.
Each month we talk about a different topic as chosen by those who come along. In January we will talk about diet and exercise and the value of setting personal goals, as well as share our experiences with the diet over Christmas and New Year.
The get together is a chance to share our experiences, successes and failures and meet other people living the OMS recovery program.
Happy to take calls if you want to know more - xxxxxx xxxxxxx
Please Private Message Pam for more details, rather than post phone numbers or email sddresses on the forum. Wendy:Moderator

Great to see an Adelaide group now, Pam. See you at Pembroke in January!

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