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Hello Brisbanians,
I have recently moved into the area and would love to meet up with fellow OMSers, for fun/support/sharing stories. If anybody is already meeting up or others would like to start meeting up I am keen. i live in South Brisbane but am happy to travel.
Cheers Kerryn
Hi Kerryn

Just noticed your post. There are a few of us in Brissy and I did meet up with a couple of lovely ladies a while ago, but there were not to many replies to the initial invite. Not that people were not interested as I found out later they didn't see the post.

If you would like to put out an invite to meet maybe put into misc as I also don't go to the location section often as you need to then wade through the entire planet on there.

We do have some wonderfully supportive folk here so don't feel like you are alone but we don't always get to read all sites as I found out after being on a retreat last year with some fabulous Brisbane people.

Deepak's motivational thoughts that help me are; why we need to accept the diagnosis we do not need to accept the prognosis, and little changes amount to big benefits!
Thanks Jenny,
Will try your idea and see if anyone is keen!
Hi all,

I'm on the Sunshine Coast and have been thinking it would be good to do a Brisbane/Coast meet-up soon - perhaps if we made it north or central Brisbane then that could work. Not too sure who else is around from Sunny Coast but I would certainly like to be involved this time.


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Hi Guys

I just moved up to Northern NSW from Melbourne, Brisbane is only 90 mins away so it would be great to meet up with some other OMSrs as I left all my friends down South, any chance anyone near Byron Bay ???

Cheers Kim
Hi Guys,
Apologies for tardy reply, I have been somewhat under the weather… I think a coast to coast meet up is a grand idea!! Jenny has suggested meeting at Fundies in Paddington on a Thursday or Friday, but is happy to go wherever. I am a free agent and happy to be flexible. So how about the busier of you come back with a time/place that would suit and we can make a date that will hopefully work for everyone. Very excited to be hatching a plan!!
Hi Guys, I'm in Brisbane so would love to catch up with fellow OMSers.
Kind regards, Deb
Hi all,

There is a thread under Misc. for a Brisbane meet up.

Date set for 11am on 19th April @ Fundies in Paddington.

Hope to see you there.

Louise xox
Hello all,
Just realised the meeting is set for Easter weekend. I'm not sure whether this works out better or worse for everyone but I will still be at Fundies at 11am on Saturday. If others would like another meet up at another time please post!
Cheers Kerryn
Hi Kerryn,

I'm not going to be able to make it this Saturday sorry.

If a another meeting is arranged in the future I will come along.

Louise xox
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