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Hello Group,

I'am moving to Sydney next month for 4 months from London then travelling the rest of Australia for 2 and then Melbourne for 4 months. I am currently on Copaxone as well as the OMS diet. I haven't had a relapse in two years and have very minimal symptoms. I've been told by both my Neurologists and GP in London that there is no one they can put me in contact with once I arrive in Sydney (Neuro/GP) and I will have to make my own connections.

I haven't got the slightest idea where to start.

My Fiance has an australian passport and the idea is that we spend the year in Australia to see if we both potentially want to move there.

This whole dilemma with finding a neurologist and perhaps not being able to continue my meds is bothering me a little. I'm doing so well and don't want to end up taking a step backwards, especially as I'm newly engaged and in another country.

Any help would be SO MUCH appreciated.
I wish I could help you. I notice that your post has been viewed many times but there have been no replies.
I suspect this is because few people are truly thrilled with their neurologists. Neurologists here are generally not very supportive of the OMS program despite its obvious benefits and the evidence behind it.
My only suggestion would be to find a good GP when you arrive (ask for local recommendation) and then explain your situation to the GP.
Good luck. Take care.
Hi Vicki
The exact same post was put up 4 times under different topics and around ten responses were offered to the this post under the various other topics.
Meow where are these responses? I put this post up in one other section not 4?
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