Hello beautiful people,

I'm 31 and have just arrived in Sydney as I begin my one year working visa with my beautiful fiance before finishing off in South East Asia.

I have been here a week now and have been astonished by the vegan options here compared to back in London. I have been vegan/OMS for the last 6 months coming off being a pescitarian for the previous 2 years prior. So I have a few important questions to ensure that I continue from my 2 years relapse free; I would love to hear as much feedback as possible regarding these questions/ statements;

A) How much flax oil I should be consuming per day. I'm currently on 3 tablespoons

B) If I cannot avoid it, I will eat a dish that has some fried ingredients. Usually this would be a maximum of 2 meals a week. Although this is not ideal it does relieve me from anxiety of having to be fried free 365 days a year.

C) After I leave Sydney or other main cities I doubt it is going to be easy following the OMS/ vegan diet. I believe the soul needs to experience and I see this trip as the last chance for me to explore in depth before I start a family. Can I have some suggestions of how best to prepare myself or improvise with food to suit my needs?

I look forward to your responses :)

Kind Regards,

*I also posted this in the Diet forum to get as much expose to the question as possible