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Interested in meeting other OMSers? If so let me know, I'd like to organise a group. Cheers Sally
Hi Sally.
I live in Hobart and need to get motivated to embrace the OMS program. Would love to meet others who have.
Hi Sally and Nicole. I'm in Hobart, and I've been on OMS for 4 years now. Happy to meet up if you would like to.

Dear Annie Z and Nicole 1966, I would love to meet up with you two with the view to getting together on a regular basis. I'm moving to Hobart at the end of this year. I've had MS for 11 years and have been following the OMS diet for 2 years. Apologies for the late response, I just forgot to look!! Cheers
Hi AnnieZ and Sally,
My apologies for not responding sooner.
I'm not working Wednesday's at the moment so would like to meet then if you are free. Understand from your email Sally that you have not moved here yet but maybe when you get down here at the end of the year we could catch up.
So, if you are free on Wednesdays Anne we could arrange a day and time and place.
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