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thanx a million for clarifying reply....

has anyone got any thoughts on how to do this when on blood thinning drugs? I had angioplasty in august (my veins were all 90% blocked and I could hardly walk, afterwards I could run), so I was on blood thinners for a while after that - and had some bleeding issues... now I might have a second angioplasty in February following my 6-month control...

if these massive amounts of omega3 cause blood thinning, I guess I cannot combine that with usual doses of blood thinning drugs? could I keep high doses of omega-3 and reduce the drugs? I wonder...

have a wonderful week every one of you warriors...

Nature Boy I think that's a Doctor/Specialist question
Hope it goes well for you :D
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Just getting back to the fish oil doses...

I take only 2 tsp fish oil as compared to taking 20 or so caps because thats all I need to take with regard to getting the correct amount of Omega-3's-which I thought was 5 grams including flax seed oil), not 6 grams as stated by Kashu....as least I thought...which is correct, 5 or 6 grams Omega 3's?

I think I am getting somewhere inbetween 5 and 6 grams with the fish oil and flax oil.

I have to say it is a bit confusing in the beginning...I had a hard time with it as well.
Thanks for all your replies, sorry I didn't respond sooner, had problems with my computer.

All your responses have helped clarify things, I was a bit confused with the EPA / DHA thing as although 20 caps is recommended the amount can differ between caps so just wanted to check - now I know it's 5-6g I can calculate it better.

Glad this started a discussion and other people have benefitted too.

Onwards and upwards!
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