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Anybody else out there using Stevia as a sweetener/supplement? I tried using it two or three years ago and thought it tasted pretty bad. There was a strange aftertaste that I just couldn't get used to. Since being diagnosed with MS a few months ago, I found a large number of MSers claiming that Stevia has anti-inflammatory properties. I figured it couldn't hurt to try it again, and all the research I could find online about it is very positive.
So while I was at the supermarket, the first thing I noticed was that there are now four or five brands of stevia sweeteners, and that they seem to be selling like crazy. I grabbed a little plastic tub of "Truvia" and a bag of powdered Stevia called "Stevia in the raw". Over the next few weeks I made a few interesting discoveries using my palate and a blood glucose monitor.

1. Truvia- Didn't taste too bad. Only a very slight hint of the aftertaste I remembered from before. Very sweet. Had no impact whatsoever on my blood glucose levels.

2. Stevia in the raw- Tasted really good. Not quite as sweet, but no aftertaste at all. Here's where it gets interesting... I used some in my tea one night before bed. I've been borderline type 2 diabetic for a while, so I've been testing every morning to keep an eye on things. The next morning my level was 98. Normally my levels run between 110-145. It took me a few days to figure out the Stevia-blood sugar connection because I didn't always have tea before bed. Once I figured out it was the Stevia, I decided to try experimenting a little. One day I tried eating a banana and following it with a giant spoon of honey (old sprinter's trick from back in my competitive swimming days). A half hour later, as expected, my blood sugar level was at 180. Two hours later it was 150. At that time I poured a glass of unsweetened almond milk, spooned in 3 or 4 tablespoons of Stevia, and drank it down. Two hours later I was down to 100. Interestingly, if my blood sugar is already down around normal levels and I have Stevia, nothing happens.

Anybody else?

Sorry Josh - I can't comment on anything that you wrote in your post above but.... I only recently found out that you can buy the stevia plant from garden shops - I picked one up and add a leaf to my herbal tea... delicious and much less processed!
Hi Josh - I just bought some Stevia as well and am planning to try and make raspberry jam with it, as I love jam on my toast, but feel a bit bad with the overprocessed and completely sugar-filled shop bought jams.

I have read that both Stevia and Xylitol are a medicinal herb for obesity and blood sugar disorders. It has absolutely no effect on our blood sugar levels, plus it is natural and there have been no reports of toxic effects on people. Also I have read some studies that have shown stevia to decrease blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes and improve insulin resistance, as well as having an anti-inflammatory and immune supportive action.

But - supposedly it is trial and error with Stevia in cooking as it can be extremely sweet.
Cooking with it should be interesting. If you figure out how to get a good jam using Stevia, could you post your recipe? I might look for some frozen berries at the grocery and try it myself!

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