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I just bought a bag of organic chia seeds and was researching online the nutritional benefits which are amazing!!!
They provide a high amount of omega-3's and so i was wondering if i take flax oil and fish oil, would i be getting too much omega-3's by adding chia seeds to my diet?

Does anyone know any reason why i should not be eating chia seeds? Here is a link discussing the benefits of chia seeds:
but there are many others on the internet.

Chia seeds get stuck in your toothbrush :O & the dishwasher filter if yr not careful!

Full o important nutrients, complete protein & keep you hydrated (drink with enough fluids). Unlike flax they dont oxidize easily & theyre digestible so you don't need to grind them. Just introduce them slowly if you have a cranky belly.

Unlikely to be too much omega 3 IMO, just watch your sat fat. 1Tbspn = 0.5 g sat fat in mine. I hav mixed B&W chia seeds & they work well together (omega 3, protein & antioxidants)

Yep, me too - been eating them for ages. The kids call them 'nature's sprinkles' - so much better than those coloured things that come in plastic bottles for sprinkling on fairy bread. We make healthy fairy bread with wholemeal bread, honey and chia seeds. Delicious!
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"freckle bread"! :D
Chia seeds/Omega-3's were discussed recently


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Chia seeds get stuck in your toothbrush :O & the dishwasher filter if yr not careful!

:D it is so true! Try chia seed gel.. it helps with it getting stuck in your teeth! I find it easier to mix into things and apparently it is easier for your stomach to digest. Just mix some chia seeds with water and let it sit and then put it in the fridge i think its on the website chia4life.

I have chia seeds everyday in my poridge I'm a little concerned also and have no idea if i'm getting enough omega 3, too much of it and if chia seeds have too much sat fats etc etc.

I have been told chia seeds from Bolvia are the best as Australian ones have trans fats in it! Unsure how true this is but i have seen chia with trans fats in them ... I do order mine from Chia4life as I have found these ones good.
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