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How about starting a thread of restaurant reviews? I was pleased to hear about Zum Zum and will try it.

Perhaps we can have threads related to every city wherein resides an Omsarian?




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Oh Sue!
What a great idea!!!
I too love this post but somehow it is making me think I eat too much! here goes and comments about overeating would be appreciated as I am always struggling to work out the saturated fat content:
breakfast - porridge made with water and a small amount of soy milk
mid morning snack - eg, grapes/apple/tangerine
lunch - hummus sandwich made with home made wholegrain bread, homemade pesto and salad
mid afternoon snack - more fruit but sometimes I have rice cakes with a banana sliced on top
dinner - lentil stew with salmon, or mushroom risotto, or potatoes, vegetables and quorn mince made in a tomato sauce
supper - toast, flaxseed oil and jam
I did indicate that I eat a lot but I hope that it is within the OMS guidelines
Best wishes to all
Crumble recipes for Sue

inez, no need to count sat fat if you are following the guidelines, which it looks as if you are!

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Inez that sounds yum and and a good mix; it is no where near eating too much.
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Breakfast - Freedom foods Buckwheat and Sorghum cereal with soy milk and peaches, gluten free toast with gluten free vegemite

Snack - rice crackers and beetroot dip (commercial brand -dairy free), plunger coffee with soy milk

Lunch - large salad, with lettuce. tomato. bean sprouts, avocado,cucumber - (dressing of EVOO, balsamic vinegar and sesame seeds), smoked salmon, gluten free bread x2

Slice of dairy free, gluten free banana bread. (will post recipe in recipe section)

Dinner - tofu and vegetables stirfried (with EVOO and water so not to heat oil), soy sauce, rice
Fresh nectarines, bananas, sorbet
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Lets see... if I can remember!!

Breakfast: 3 slices homemade wholemeal toast, with avocado, tahani and strawberry jam, coffee with almond milk.
Morning tea: handful of japanese rice crackers, almonds
Lunch: 2 homemade tortillas with canellini bean, tuna salad and 1 orange
Afternoon tea: homemade almond and oat cookies (made with agave and olive oil) and coffee with almond milk
Dinner (at my parents): Plain pasta with homemade tomato, basil, onion and garlic sauce - one piece of garlic bread (oops too much saurated fat!), handful of walnuts dipped in honey, half a glass of red wine (it wasn't that nice) and a small glass of pear and apple cider.

So looking at this I could (and usually do better) on the vegie and fruit uptake! :? As you can see I am the homemade bandwagon. There is too much unnecessary crap in store bought, processed food.

I also take 5 fish oil caps, I vita C cap and 4000IU of Vita D a day (vita D is always subject to change depending on last blood test!)

I try to follow a low saturated fat diet, but not as militantly as I used too. I no longer write everything down and work out the fat content, because it just made me a little crazy.

Good luck on your journeys to good health.

PS I drink 3L of water a day (I have an app on my phone to remind me).
PSS I read an early post about someone having low iron, maybe try drinking orange juice or something else high in vita C with each meal. It will help your body absorb iron you are eating.
Yum lucky you!
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who posted what they ate for the day. You have given me so many new ideas and made it all look so simple and delicious!

I am madly studying at the moment - often till all hours of the night (or morning!) and my diet has lapsed accordingly. But reading what you all do makes it seem really quite easy to get back on track!

If you have any suggestions (or recipes) to offer (particularly the lovely sounding chilli and crumble), I would be very appreciative.
Lots of lovely recipes in the Recipe forum and the Recipe resource.
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