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TraceyP, thanks for the laugh. Completely cracked me up. & ironic's snakes & bad wine. Last night I had sushi, sake, then 2 wines (1 not good but not cheap).Today, toast, toast, toast & carrot soup, rice crackers, apples. I must eat steamed veggies for dinner.

I sometimes I wonder if OMS forum helps or undermines my eating. I started strong but wavered after I read about the treats people sneak in. So, I'll admit, I weakened last week & bought dairy free chocolate. They didn't have any small packets. Lucky, it tasted awful! But I ate more to be sure before getting rid of it. Not to be defeated, a few days later I bought snakes etc. Thankfully, I just felt sick. No more junk. I put a "no junk" letterbox sticker over my mouth.

Last nite I had a sushi scallop for 1st time. Delicious but expensive. Scallops are moderately high in Om3 like oysters, & full of nutrition eg selenium.

Fish with the highest amount of omega 3 fats include:

Atlantic salmon
Southern bluefin tuna

Other fish such as barramundi, bream, flathead, and seafood such as arrow squid, scallops and mussels are also good sources
Gumnut, I need a "no junk" sticker for my mouth too!

I'm hoping they are giving them out at the retreat.

Today a packet of jelly lollies sneaked into my mouth. Oops
Oh my goodness! I have just tried Marmite and flaxseed oil on toast and it is so yummy I went back for more.
It was even on gluten free bread and anything that makes that nice is got to be a winner.

My Marmite craving was brought on by the news that due to the Christchurch earthquake in NZ where it is made, the stocks are now dry and it looks like they will stop making it forever :( Let's hope they revise that dumb decision.

I rarely eat Marmite or Vegemite but as soon as I heard about the possibility of never having it again I couldn't stop thinking about it TYPICAL!
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these menus are great. Thanks. What are snakes?
lollies/candies/sweets, no sat fat of course!
https://www.google.com/search?q=jelly+s ... 80&bih=685

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why are they called snakes?
Oh what a treasure trove! Thanks Sue, for such a great initial idea, and thanks everyone else, for all the other great ideas! ... I've been taking notes.
My menu yesterday was:

Breakfast: Cold Rolled Oats (prepared night before - grate half a sweet apple, sprinkle with cinnamon, add 1/3 cup rolled oats, half teaspoon honey, cover well with rice milk and refrigerate until breakfast; now stir it all together with a teaspoon of sunflower seeds and chopped almonds, then add a spoonful of FSO before eating).

Lunch: A small pita with eggplant inside, and beetroot hummus (basically, blend a drained 450g tin of beetroot with 250g hummus) on top.

Dinner: Salad (lettuce, celery, carrot, olives, onion, FSO dressing), plus the worst vegan lasagne I have yet invented! - tomato sauce (tomato/garlic/onion/celery/carrot), eggplant, spinach, mushroom, capsicum, roast pumpkin ... so I am extra-grateful for Sue's vegan lasagne link! Thanks Sue!

Snacks: several tamarillos, a mandarine, carrot and celery sticks with beetroot hummus, many cups of rooibos

kally wrote: why are they called snakes?

Because they are make in snake shapes, or dinasours or jet planes etc. Saved many a time!
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