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I have a purchased a bread maker and it is great. I buy the Laucke german grain bread mix,
its very nice and has nothing in it we shouldn't have. I also make my wholemeal pizza and foccacia
dough in it too, makes it a whole lot easier and its a great consistency to roll out.
I also add dried fruit to the german grain mix and it makes a nice fruit loaf.
Best purchase I have made in a long time.
Hi Maree
My boyfriend has a bread maker but has not made any bread since I have started this diet as all the recipes he has have milk powder in them. Would you put a recipe up for me to try please?? Great news!
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Hi Cather1ne,
I buy the ready mixed bread mix. The brand is Laucke and I buy German Grain mix.
It comes in a box with four packets in it. I make the small 700g loaf so I can get 5 loaves
from the box that costs about $7-$8. To get the extra loaf you take out a cup of the paket mix
and keep in a container till you have three cups in there and that makes a loaf.
You put in 280ml water in tin then add the breadmix then 1 1/4 teaspoons of dry yeast that
comes in the box. That's it. The bread mix is dairy and preservative free, no oils.
The recipes I have looked up to make from scratch usually have milk powder so
I stick with the ready mix. A friend of mine made me hot cross buns and a fruit
loaf using a recipe she changed, I will ask her for it if you like.
I make lots of bread both in and out of the breadmaker. Just leave the milk powder out, it's not necessary.


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Thank you Maree - I have printed your reply :)
Thanks Wendy - haha, fancy not even trying it without.
First symptom (of many): May 2009
Started OMS: October 2011
'Inconclusive' diagnosis: January 2012
Decided no diagnosis required: February 2012
I've used a panasonic bread maker for years now - whilst a lot of the recipes call for use of milk powder, it is not necessary and can be excluded.
The milk serves only to slightly improve longevity of the loaf.

The best breads on my machine's programmes, are the french and italian ones anyway (with flour, olive oil and saly with yeast).
nothing else.

i'd sometimes add a little buckwheat or spelt in place of equivalent proportion of white flour - this creates a more rustic loaf.

Also, adding sundried tomatoes/pesto/olives/various seeds, etc are all excellent variations
That sounds really nice with sundried tomatoes etc. The recipes
say to use bread improver, do you use this? Also do you use
bread flour or just normal flour?
Maree - I use variably brown, wholewheat and ocassionally white flour - I often add sesame seeds and/or broken walnuts.
Ascorbic Acid/flour improver..I've never used it - I eat plenty of fruits (Vitmain C).

In the UK, the type of flour would susually say Bread (or Strong or even extra strong) flour.
Standard flour doesn't work for bread as far as i know.

I read here though, that the flour improver allows for a quicker rise: http://www.allinsonflour.co.uk/products ... yeast.html and that (at least this brand) some quick action yeasts already include it.

Easy Bake Yeast Allinson Easy Bake Yeast is a combination of dried yeast with the bread improver Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). Ascorbic Acid guarantees the fast action of the yeast, allowing a quick rise and eliminating the need to 'knock back' the dough. The dough will only require one kneading and one period of proving. The yeast can be added with the flour straight from the pack and will become activated as soon as it comes into contact with the liquid. Allinson Easy Bake Yeast is perfect for use in bread makers as well as in hand baking.

I am now experimenting with creating a sourdough culture because I think the idea of quick bake bread only results in half the flavour. I hope it works out (I am using spelt flour to create the starter)
Thanks so much Geoff for the info, I will have a look for that yeast,
good luck with the sourdough.

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