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If you didn't already know it, President Clinton (politicians in the US keep their titles for life) had a quadruple bypass and then followup complications - not good. He was a fan of cheeseburgers and heading not so slowly into ill health and death.

So he became nearly vegan. He looks amazing. He was on David Letterman and seemed more than happy to talk about his diet. Letterman has had similar problems. Leterman asks how Clinton did it and when he explains, says "See, but I don't want to do that", as if a life without meat and dairy is not a life worth living. Letterman keeps cutting him off as he tries to explain.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPpcBMw ... re=related

Have you had similar experiences? You look great, how did you do it? OK, that's enough. I don't want to know about it.

I found it very telling. We can see more than a funny moment. I think (as I feel), Clinton would have been happy to go on about it.

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I get the McDougall newletters and that is a whole food plant based diet which Clinton is pretty much on. I read much interesting stuff in my received news letters and had Clinton listened to earlier advice he may well have not ended up slightly brain fuddled. Bypass ops have a habit of doing that as the brain can get starved of oxygen.
Yes I know lots of people who wont entertain listening now but are going to wait till they get the shit hit the fan then listen and change lifestyle, they do not understand about actually trying to avoid the problems. Sadly for some when they wait till they get the problem for some it will be too late.
Take dairy people are so brain washed that we have to consume it, even yesterday I was asked where do I get my calcium from.
Crudely speaking 73% of this planet eat a simple starch based plant food lifestyle, even plant centrix with little animal derived intake and are not sick like the west is. The minority western eaters have every major sickness going in bucket loads.
We in the west are eating ourselves sick but so many people do not see it and have blind faith in it is OK to eat like this be sick and there will be a medicine to make it better so we can carry on and be yet more sick. Because it is common to be like this, but common does not make it normal for us to do.
We just had Children in Need on in the UK I wanted to shake the telly and tell eveyone they could be less sick if only they changed how they ate and it would help reduce their situtation. I feel sad when I see overweight children as that generation and the ones below me has no idea yet how sick they are going to be as they were weaned onto western junk food from well less than a year old. But you can't talk to a television and I do not have the energy so I am just there if someone wants to change.
Doctor Dean Ornish was instrumental in President Clinton’s recovery. Check out his site very interesting

I know that people who have bypass operations often have cognitive issues after - but he doesn't seem to show such issues by my reckoning. He spoke beautifully at the Democratic National Convention and he seems clear on the show.

He's a great advocate for healthy eating. And you're right. So many diseases could be avoided. But that's my point - David Letterman says immediately; "I don't want to do that" and tries to change the subject.

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And the audience didn't help by laughing!

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Lighten up people, Letterman is a comedian. Give him some points for airing such an important message in that timeslot. 8-)

Hmm. A Dave fan? I think it's a case of "Many a truth is said in Jest". I think he was being true and funny, though perhaps being a comedy show, he wanted to move things along and not lose his audience who don't want to be reminded of what they should and shouldn't eat.

I'm going to a Thanksgiving Day pot luck tomorrow. I'm bringing two dishes - The lentil Dahl I posted 2 weeks ago and pumkin bread. I will also bring a can of sardines in my pocked for emergencies:) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone living in the US.

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